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Southern Asia Vocab

6th grade stuff

What is monsoon? Seasonal wind that blows for months at a time, often effecting region's climate
What is caste? Social class based on person's ancestry
What is dzong? Buddhist center of prayer and study
What is free enterprise system? economic system that operates on free competition in which people start and own buisnesses with limited gov't interferance
What is dynasty? line of rulers from same family
What is exile? unable to live in one's country, usually because of politicial beliefs
What is pagoda? many storied buddhist temple
What is achipelago? group of islands
What is shogun? military leader in Japan
What is megalopolis? huge urban settlement made of several large cities
What is prime minister? official who heads the gov't in a parlimentary democracy
reincarnation? rebirth of soul in new body
intensive cultivatin? Growing crops on every available piece of land
Created by: mayhaah