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CTS 130 EM03

Excel Module 3

The ____ category of Excel functions retrieves data from multidimensional databases involving online analytical processing. cube
The ____ category of Excel functions retrieves and analyzes data. database
The ____ category of Excel functions returns (true-false) values logical
=INT(AVERAGE(A1:A100)) is an example of a(n) ____ function. nested
After you describe a function in the Insert Function dialog box, click ____. go
Every function has to follow ____. syntax
The numbers, text, or cell references used by the function to return a value are called ____. arguments
In the following formula: =IF(A1="YES", "DONE", "RESTART"), what happens if A1= “NO”? returns “RESTART”
The PMT function is a(n) ____ function. financial
With ____ interest, the borrower always pays more money to the lender the following year. compound
The FV function stands for ____. future value
The amount of money being loaned is known as the ____. principal
If you were to see ##### in cell B10, the ____ is too small to view the entire value. column width
The ____ function returns the maximum value in the range. max
One of the great advantages of ____ references is that you can quickly generate row and column totals without having to worry about revising the formulas as you copy them to new locations. relative
Absolute references are marked with a ____. $
When you copy a formula that contains an absolute reference to a new location, the reference ____. does not change
Use ____ references when you want different formulas to refer to the same cell. absolute
One of the most common statistical approaches is to ____ the sample data. average
Another name for the middle value is the ____ value. median
The ____ is most often used with data that has only a few possible values. mode
____ arguments may provide more control over the returned value. optional
FUNCTION(argument1, argument2, ...) is ____. general syntax of all functions
Arguments can be ____. cell references, numbers, or text
If an optional argument is not included, Excel assumes a(n) ____ value for it. default
Excel functions are organized into ____ categories eleven
Lookup & Reference is ____. an excel function category
The ____ function category retrieves data from multidimensional databases involving online analytical processing or OLAP. cube
In “SUM(number1 [, number2, number3, ...])”, number 1, number 2, and number 3 may be numbers or ____. cell references
Which category of Excel functions returns information about the format, location, or contents of worksheet cells? ____ information
Functions can be ____. incorporated as part of larger formulas or placed inside another function
In the formula =INT(AVERAGE(A1:A100)), which would occur first? ____ find the average of A1:A100
When you nest functions, you should have ____. same number of left and right parentheses
The Insert Function button is in the ____ group. function library
Optional arguments are in ____ type. normal
The Insert Function dialog box has a(n) ____ option. search
Most Recently Used is a ____. category in the Insert Function Arguments dialog box
The fill handle copies ____. content and formats
Using AutoFill is ____ than copying and pasting. faster
Blue, Accent1, Light 60% is an example of cell ____. formatting
Another way to copy a formula is to use the Fill button on the ____ group. editing
Using the AutoFill Options button, the Fill Without Formatting option copies the ____ but not the formatting. content.
Using AutoFill, what would be the extended series of the initial entry Jan? ___ feb, mar, apr, etc.
For most loan and investment calculations, you need to enter the annual interest rate ____ the number of times the interest is compounded during the year. divided by
As you drag the fill handle, you will see ____. screen tips
A logical function is a function that works with values that are either ____. true or false
>= is a(n) ____ operator. comparison
In the formula =IF(A1=B1, C1, C2), the result will be C2 if ____. A ≠ B
Part of effective formula writing is knowing when to use relative, absolute, and ____ references. mixed
____ references are seldom used other than when creating tables of calculated values such as a multiplication table in which the values of the formula or function can be found in the initial rows and columns of the table. mixed
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