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Chapters 1 and 2

Sherlock Holmes

amiable likeable
anthropological Related to the study of humans
asperity severity
astutely shrewdly
benevolence kindness
convex outwardly curved
dabbler casual worker
dexterity skill
dolichocephalic long
erroneous wrong
fallacies incorrect assumptions
ferrule a cane end, tip
fulsome offensive
hypothesis theory
incredulously unbelievable
inferences conclusions
luminous brilliant
mastiff a breed of dog
piqued offended
reversion a reversal
settee small couch
supraorbital above the eyes; forehead
agape open mouthed
aghast horrified
amiability friendliness; warmth
anon quickly; suddenly
cameo carving techniques used to make jewelry
carouse a wild party
chimerical improbable
circumspect careful
corroborated verified; authenticated
daunted stopped; hindered
dyspnoea hard or difficult breathing
flagons heavy mugs
gainsaid denied
ghastly hideous; frightful
goyal a land hollow
hackles long neck hairs
leagues about 3 miles
nocturnal evening
nouveaux riches the newly rich
profane blasphemous
prosaic ordinary
revelers celebrators
roysterers rioters
scion a descendant
trenchers medieval plates
wantan sensual
yeoman peasant farmer
yew an evergreen tree
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