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chapter1 vocab

Acknowledge To admit. verb. I acknowledged my friend for helping me with my science experement.
alternative a choice. Noun. I had an alternative to get a car or to get a new phone.
Anecdote a short, interesting story. noun. My dad told me an anecdote of when he was in the military.
Appropriate Proper. adjective. In to Kill a Mockingbird Calpurnia told Scout to act appropraitely in front of Walter Cunningham because she had been rude to him.
Avert to prevent. verb. I went to the other lane to avert the traffic.
Candid Honest. adjective. My teacher told me to give her a candid answer about if i cheated on the test or not.
Compel to force. verb. My mom compeled me to do my homeworkd by turning off my television.
Comply to do as asked. verb. My teacher complied me to do my class work or i would have to go to the principal's office.
Concise brief and clear. adjective. On my english test I had to give concise answers.
Drastic extreme. adjective. There are many drastic rides at Knott's Berry Farm.
Created by: syaghoubi