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FSMG Test 2


HR Cycle 1. Selection 2. Performance 3. Appraisal
HRM goal 1 improve employee morale 2. reduce turnover rate
Levels of management 1. Corperate 2. General 3. Operational
Corporate Manager develop plan and policies
General manager proper allocation of human resources. Answers "what" and "where"
Operational manager helps with daily events: performance appraisals
Job description written account of responsibilities involved with then job.
Task/duties/requirements of each job includes" 1. Title 2. Description of duties 3. performance requirements 4. standards of measurements used
Orientation should include tour, introductions, description of company policies and procedures
Equal Pay Act equal pay for equal work regardless of sex
Age discrimination in employment forbids discrimination against employees 40-69 years of age
Title VII of the civil rights act forbids discrimination of race, color, religion, sex, national origin
Equal employment opportunity extends coverage of Title VII to include gov employees, faculty in higher edu, and others
Pregnancy discrimination includes pregnancy, childbirth, or related issues
Americans with disabilities prohibits discrimination against people with physical/mental disabilities or chronically ill
Family and medical leave gives employees 12 weeks unpaid and job protected leave per year for themselves, or a spouse, parent, or child with serious health condition
Major federal laws 1.Fair labor standards Act 2. Immigration reform and control 3. EEOC: Sexual Harassment laws 4. Affirmative Action 5. Employment Retirement income Security Act. (ERISA)
ADA Category 1 physical mental impairments that limits life activities. Ex: walking, hearing. Anxiety disorders
ADA Category 2 Record of impairments. EX: recovering alcoholics, drug addict, clinical depression
ADA Category 3 perceived impairments. Ex: HIV positive, AIDS, burns causing disfiguration
Characteristics trainers should possess: -Knowledge of trainee ability and skill level -knowledge of job skills -knowledge of learning principles -patience -enthusiasm -understanding -ability to communicate -ability to motivate
OSHA occupational Safety and Health Act
Administers of OSHA The U.S. department of labor
purpose of OSHA assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women.
Laws affecting EPA's pesticide programs 1. FFDCA: Federal food, drug, and cosmetic act. 2. FIFRA: Federal insecticide, fungicide, and rodenticide
FQPA(Food quality protection Act) established health based standard to be used when assessing risks of pesticide residue in food
Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) established to protect qualiy of drinking water in U.S.
3 parts to ADA guide 1. basic info about ADA 2. explaination of relationship btwn ADA and FDA food code 3. discussion of ADA's rules that prohibit discrimination agains people with disabilities.
ADA definition of Disability medical condition that limits a person in doing basic activities.
Created by: Frizzy09