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Focal QA-Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Database Testing

What does DBMS mean? Database Management System
What is DBMS used for? Used for storage of data and efficient retrieval of data
What is a database? An organized collection of data
What does a database do? It is a container storing data that people or devices can interact with. data is stored in a structured way, by creating tables.
What does not impose any constraints or security? DBMS
What does RDBMS mean? Relational Database Management System
What is RDBMS used for? Data are stored in a relation or table. Each table contains rows or records, (also called tuples), and Columns which represent attributes or fields. Each record or row is represented by a unique field known as the Primary key. Small database 2GB.
What does SQL mean? Structured Query Language
Rows - a.k.a. Records , tupple
Columns - a.k.a. fields , attribute
1NF - First Normal Form No repeating groups, all tables are two-dimensional
2NF - Second Normal Form No repeating groups, all tables are two-dimensional. Plus each data element is identified by one corresponding unique identifier-a primary key- that is not a composite and therefore cannot be subdivided into smaller bits of data.
3NF - Third Normal Form Plus all tables contain no data other than that which describes the intent of the primary key - extraneous data is placed in separate tables.
Records - a.k.a. Rows , tupple
Tupple - a.k.a. Rows , records
fields - a.k.a. columns , attribute
attribute - a.k.a. fields , columns
Database application computer program whose primary purpose is entering and retrieving information from a computer-managed database
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