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What is the Priest doing at the beginning of the play? Asking the Gods for Help
Why is the Priest asking for help? There is a plague on the City
Where did Oedipus send Creon at the beginning of the play? To the Oracle of Apollo
What does Creaon Report? That Laius's killer must be found
What should happen to the man they find (thought to be the killer of Laius)? He must be banished or killed
Why didn't anyone investigate Laius's murder at the time? The Sphinx was attacking the city
What does Oedipus announce to the Theban people? 1)That the man who confesses will only be banished 2) Whoever helps the killer will be punished 3) Anyone that knows the killer should come forward **All are correct
Who is rumored to have killed Laius? Robbers
Who does Creon advise Oedipus to send for? Teiresias
What does Teiresias say when he arrives, after being sent for by Oedipus? That he will not tell who killed Laius
How does Oedipus respond when Teiresias charges him with killing Laius? 1)He calles Teiresias a blind fool 2)He accuses Creon of killing Laius 3) He accuses Teiresias of conspiring with Creon ***All of the answers are correct
What does Teiresias say will happen to Oedipus? He will leave Thebes a blind beggar
What does Oedipus ask Creon? Why Teiresias didn't say anything at the time of Laius's death
Does Creon say he wants to be king? No
What does Jocasta convince Oedipus to do to Creon? Forgive him
What does Jocasta attempt to prove to Oedipus? That there is no truth in Prophesy
???????? and did with her baby? Seh left it exposed on a mountain
Where was Laius killed? At a crossroads
Why does Jocasta's story upset Oedipus? He killed a man at a crossroads
What made Oedipus go to the oracle when he was young? A man called him a Bastard (child of an unwed woman, no father)
What did the oracle tell Oedipus? That he would kill his father and marry his mother
Why did Oedipus leave Corinth? He was afraid of what the oracle said
What does Oedipus success in killing the Sphinx years before lead the people to expect? They hope he can get the current plaque to stop
What reversal does Oedipus encounter with Teiresias? He beleives Teiresias was helping with the murder
What reversal does Oedipus think has occurred with respect to Creon? He accused Creon of being his enemy
What is Jocasta's intention in telling Oedipus the story of the oriacle given to Laius about his death? She told him to comfort him
What is the unexpected result of Jocasta's story? He realized he killed Laius
Oedipus has already cursed Laius' murder. by the end of the first part, what ironical reversal is he dreading? He saw that he cursed himself
Specific Tone: How did Oedipus' tone toward the seer change (lines 322-438)? At first he is nice so he can gather information. However, when he doesn't get the information, he is quick to anger.
Specific Tone: Contrast Creon's tone with that of Oedipus in this scene (lines 584-677)? Creon is less angry, more calm and factual. Whereas Oedipus is angry and trying to prove that he is right.
Describe the prophecy that Oedipus was trying to avoid? The prophecy that he would kill his father and marry his mother
Read pages 430-431 and summarize the Oedipus Myth? Apollo's favorite Snake was killed. The family was cursed and Oedipus was left on a mountain to die. A sheperd receives him and gave him to a barren family (King & Queen of Corinth). The prophesy comes true.
Describe in detail how Oedipus meets the definition of a tragic hero (p 1482 in def. of Tragedy)? He was of high/or noble birth (he was a Prince)
Does "Oedipus the King" fulfill the definition of a Greek tragedy? Why or why not? Yes, becaus his actions lead to his downfall
How has Oedipus become an example of the answer to Sphinx' riddle? He was a baby. He crawled then walked on two legs. He was blind and had to have a cane or be walked about by someone else.
What is dramatic irony and how does it apply to "Oedipus the King"? (p 470) When the audience knows what the people on stage don't. We know that he is the murder and he is cursing himself.
What does GOLD stand for? Color, Sight, & Light for Symbolism. Rich / Noble / Power
What does RED stand for? Color, Sight, & Light for Symbolism. Death / Sorrow / Blood / Sin
What does BLACK stand for? Color, Sight, & Light for Symbolism. Evil / Dishonest / Death
What does WHITE stand for? Color, Sight, & Light for Symbolism. Pure / Truthful / Light
What does BLUE stand for? Color, Sight, & Light for Symbolism. Calm / Peace
Name four Themes of the Play "Oedipus the King"? 1)Don't be rash - leads to disaster 2)Don't kill people 3)Although blind you still have knowledge 4)Justice will be served
Define casualty Loss in numerical strength in any cause, as death, wounds and sickness
What where the casualties in this play? Jocasta died, luis was killed and Oedipus became blind/banished
Is justice achieved in this play, Why or why not? Yes, because oedipus got what he deserved
What situation needed a just response? Oedipus killed lauis, Lauis and Jocasta kill baby, Oedipus insults creon and teiresias and evason of prophacy
Define Motif a recurrent image or idea
did the prophecy of teresias come true? Yes, Oedipus was blinded and banished
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