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Revision cards for AQA AS INFO2 Safety and Security

What is an internal threat to an ICT system? A threat that comes from inside an organisation
What is an external threat to an ICT system? A threat that comes from outside an organisation
Examples of internal threats (3) Employees (malicious or accidental), human error, hardware failure
Examples of external threats (5) Viruses, hacking, natural disaster, theft, vandalism
Malpractice and example An employee going against a company code of practice, e.g. leaving a workstation logged on while away from the desk
Crime and example Breaking the law, e.g. downloading pirated software
Software measures to protect systems (4) Anti-virus software, software firewalls, anti-spyware software, passwords and access rights
Hardware/physical measures to protect systems (6) Hardware firewalls, biometric security (e.g. fingerprint scanner), door locks, lockable laptop trolleys, removing USB ports/DVD writers to prevent data being copied onto removable media, security cables on hardware
Procedures to protect systems (5) Password policies, acceptable use policies, locking machines when unattended, banning use of removable storage devices, training staff
What is covered by the Data Protection Act? Personal data held on living, identifiable people
What is a Data Subject? The person who's data is being held (i.e. the customer, student, employee etc)
What is a Data Controller? The person or company holding the data
Who is the Government official responsible for enforcing the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act? The Information Controller
What Act covers software piracy and licences? Copyright, Designs and Patents Act
What Act covers hacking and writing viruses? Computer Misuse Act
What's the difference between privacy and security of data? Privacy means keeping data confidential and not sharing it with unauthorised people. Security means keeping data safe from accidental or unauthorised deletion, theft or modification.
What 3 levels of offence does the Computer Misuse Act cover? Unauthorised access to data, unauthorised access to data with the intent to commit another crime, unauthorised modification/deletion of data