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Revision cards for AQA AS INFO2 People and ICT

Characteristics of users (factors affecting how users will use a computer system) (5) Experience, physical characteristics, environment of use, task to be undertaken, age
Different types of interface (3) Command line, menu driven, Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Advantages and disadvantages of a GUI Uses icons that are easily understood, intuitive, easy to learn BUT resource-hungry and can be slow for experienced users
Advantages and disadvantages of menu driven interfaces Useful in situation with limited choice of actions (e.g. call centre, ATM) BUT can be frustrating to have to go through lots of menu levels, restrictive
Advantages and disadvantages of command line interfaces Don't need much disk space or memory, can be quicker than GUI for expert users BUT need to know the exact commands, not user-friendly for non-expert users
Characteristics of effective ICT teams (6) Good leadership, good team communication, allocating right task to right person, having a good balance of the skills that are required, following standard practices
Essential skills for ICT professionals (6) Good written communication, good verbal communication, problem-solving, patience, teamwork, willingness to work flexible hours