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Revision cards for AQA AS INFO2 Systems, Data and Information

What is Data? Raw, unprocessed facts and figures input into a system
Examples of Data 1. Barcodes scanned into an EPOS system 2. A list of student test scores
What is Information? Data that has been processed to give it meaning
Examples of Information 1. Receipt showing names of products purchased and prices 2. Scores converted to overall grades
Characteristics of good quality Information Accurate, up-to-date, relevant, complete, from a reliable source
What is ICT? The use of technology for the input, processing, storage and transfer of data and the output of information
What are the three parts of any system? Input, process and output
What are the six components of an ICT system? Software, hardware, data, information, people and procedures
Five different forms of data Text, sound, still images, moving images, numbers
What is coding? Shortening data when input (i.e. 3 letter airport code) or allocating a number to a value judgement (rating quality of service on scale of 1 to 5)
What are the advantages of coding data? Saves disk space, reduces data input errors, quicker to input than the full words so saves user time, coding value judgements allows us to compile statistics more easily (but loses accuracy)
What is encoding? The computer converting data input into machine-readable binary form (1 and 0)
What is direct data? Collecting and using data for a specified purpose, e.g. student details to enrol them on a course
What is indirect data? Using data for a different purpose from that it was collected for, e.g. using student details to send them marketing materials about other courses
What is an ICT system? Where the output from the system goes directly to a human being or into another ICT system.