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AP Literary Termss

Oxymoron An image of contradictory term (bittersweet, jumbo shrimp, pretty ugly)
Pacing The movement of a literary piece from one point or one section to another
Parable A story that operates on more than one level and usually teaches a moral lesson.
Parody A comic imitation of a work that ridicules the original.
Pathos The aspects of a literary work that elicit pity from the audience. An appeal to emotion that can be used as a means to persuade.
Pedantic A term used to describe writing that borders on lecturing. It is scholarly and academic and often overly difficult and distant
Periodic Sentence presents its main clause at the end of the sentence for emphasis and sentence variety.
Personification The assigning of human qualities to INANIMATE objects or concepts.
Persuasion A type of argument that has as its goal an action on the part of the audience.
Plot The sequence of events in a literary work.
Point of view The method of narration in a literary work.
Pun A play on word. (grave topic of American funerals)
Paradox The presentation of to contradicting ideas that end up being true (Absence makes the heart grow fonder)
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