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CTS 130 EM02

Excel Module 2 Study Guide

One of the benefits of Live Preview is that ____ it lets you see and evaluate different formats as you develop your workbook
Typeface is the specific design used for characters and includes ____ letters, numbers, and special characters.
A ____ is not a type of font true type
When you don’t want to associate a font with a particular design, you use a ____ font non-theme
Italic, bold, bold italic, and underline are examples of ____ font styles
To change the font size one point at a time, in the Font group on the Home tab, click the ____ button. increase or decrease font size
____ theme colors are designated for text and background, ____ colors are used for accents and highlights, and ____ colors are used for hyperlinks. four, six, two
You can create a ____ color by specifying a mixture of red, blue, and green color values. custom
To add a ____ to a sheet tab, click the Format button, point to Tab color, and then click a color. fill color
Selecting the Font Color button arrow will display ____ and a _______. 10 theme colors, standard color bar,
The background image does not affect any cell’s ____ or __________. format, content
When creating an Excel document, you should avoid using ____ text and background together, since this is the most common form of color blindness. red and green
By default, numbers appear in the ____ and generally display values exactly as you type them. general number format.
Because Excel stores dates and times as ____, you can apply different formats without affecting the date and time value. numbers
Dates and times in Excel measure intervals between the specified date and time and ____ January 1, 1900 12:00 am
In Excel, dates are ____-aligned in the cell by default, regardless of date format. right
As a general rule, you should ____ column titles, ______ align text, and ____ align numbers. center, , left,, right.
____ merges each of the rows in the selected range across the columns in the range. merge across.
In Excel, to merge cells A1, B1, C1, D1, and E1, ____ is the correct reference for the merged cell. A1:E1
Options to rotate cells in Excel are available using the ____ button in the Alignment group on the Home tab. orientation.
You can add a border in Excel ____. to enhance readability, to top right or bottom of a cell, specify thickness.
In the Format Cells dialog box, the ____ tab allows you to format currency by choosing decimal places, comma separators, and regular number displays. number
The Format Cells dialog box has six tabs that does NOT include: ____ color.
When using the Format Painter, double-click the Format Painter button to paste the same format multiple times and click the Format Painter again to ____. turn it off.
In the Paste Special dialog box, you can __________, ____________, and __________ select to rotate selected range 90 degrees, paste only formulas, paste values and formats.
You can open the Format Cells dialog box by right-clicking a cell or selected range, and then clicking ____ on the shortcut menu format cells
____ use the same file format for their theme files. Microsoft word, excel and powerPoint.
You can treat a range of data as a distinct object in a worksheet known as a(n) ____. excel table.
A(n) ____ specifies formats for elements in an Excel table, such as font color, fill color, and so forth. table style.
The most efficient way to format an entire table is to ____. use a table style
A table ____ applies alternating row colors to the entire Excel table and adjusts the banded rows effect as needed if you add or delete rows. style.
Applying a table style marks the range as a table, making available tools designed for analyzing tabular data, including the __________, transfer data to and from an _________, and ________ data to only shows that match a criteria. ability to sort data, external, filter
In Excel, the table style ____ inserts a new row at the bottom of the table that adds the column values. total row.
In Excel, the ____ table style formats alternating columns in different colors. banded columns.
To remove banded rows from an Excel table, first you need to select the ____ tab on the Ribbon. design.
In Page Layout view, the worksheet is displayed as it will appear on the ____. printed page.
A ____ is the space between the page content and the edges of the page margin.
One way to ensure that you are using consistent formats is to copy and paste your formats using the Format ____. painter.
In conditional formatting, to highlight only cells that contain a specific date, select the rule____. date occuring
Fonts, colors, and cell styles are organized in ____ categories. theme and non-theme
To view certain columns on a large worksheet, a good option is to ____. hide columns that contain information you do not need.
When preparing to print, you have the option to select ____, _____ and _____. position of the report on the page, orientation, include headers and footers.
Setting the ____ to A1:L10 will print only data in those cells. print range.
To avoid splitting a worksheet in awkward places, you can insert a(n) ____ to specify a specific breaking point. pagebreak.
To set a page break in Excel, ____. select first cell below the row where you want to insert a page break.
A ____ indicates a manual page break. solid blue line.
Information that prints on each page, like a company name or logo, may be set as a(n) ____. print title.
The code ____ will display the filename of the current workbook. &[File].
The header and footer sections include ____ , ______ and ______ sections. left, right, center
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