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The New South Test

ms sessa's new south era test-march

Who was the former slave that opened up a successful barber shop in Atlanta and established the Atlanta Life Insurance Agency? Alonzo Herndon
Who was the New South Era poet and author who wrote "The Song of the Chattahoochee" and "The Marshes of Glynn", wrote the official cantata for America's 100th birthday Sydney Lanier
Who was the famous new south author who worked at the Atlanta Constitution with Henry Grady, compiled stories told to him by former slaves, and wrote the Uncle Remus tales. Joel Chandler Harris
Who established the first Ladies Garden Club in America? Mary Lumpkin
Who established a highly successful college in Rome, Georgia by using her families former plantation, land, and money? Martha Berry
Who was the first player to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame Ty Cobb
Who founded the American Girl Scouts in Savannah, GA? Juliet Gordon Lowe
Who founded Rich's department store? Morris Reichs
Who founded Coca-Cola? Doc Pemberton
What was the first suburb in Georgia? Inman Park
What was the first convention held in Atlanta? The Cotton States and International Exposition
Who was the girl who was killed in The National Pencil Factory in 1913? Mary Phagan
Who was the manager of the pencil factory? Leo Frank
Who was the janitor who killed the girl? Jim Conley
Who coined the term "New South"? Henry W. Grady
Who was Henry W. Grady? journalist for the atlanta journal and a national public speaker
Who was in the Bourbon Triumvirate? joseph brown, alphred colquitt, and john gordon
what did the bourbon triumvirate stand for? white supremacy and industry
what were some good things the triumvirate did for the state? lowered taxes, reduced war debt and expanded industry
what were some bad things the triumvirate did for the state? spread racism and hate, convict lease system and overlooked problems with public facilities
what were the Feltons' first names? Rebecca and William
what did the Feltons stand for? poor people, against convict lease system
what did Rebecca Felton stand for? temperance and suffrage
what is Rebecca Felton's claim to fame? first woman us senator
What was "The Grange"? a social and political force to help farmers
What political party was Tom Watson for? populist
What is Tom Watson's claim to fame? the rfd bill
triumvirate Ruling body of three
urban city like
suburbs communities on the outskirts of a city
suffrage the right to vote
temperance anti-alcohol
grange a farm and its buildings
scrip money that is not legal
Created by: maddie13
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