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MIS 340 Chapter 9

vocabulary from the textbook

access VPN enables employees to access an organization's networks from a remote location
ATM "Asynchronous Transfer Mode" a packet-switched technology originally designed for use in WANs and that uses 53-byte fixed-length packets with no error control of full duplex 155 Mbps or 622 Mbps or point-to-point circuits
circuit-switching a method of communications whereby an electrical connection between calling and called stations is established on demand for exclusive use of the circuit until the connection is terminated
common carrier an organization in the business of providing regulated telephone, telegraph, telex, and datacommunication services (e.g. AT&T)
datagram a connectionless service in packet-switched networks; each packet may travel a different route and at a different speed through the network, so data packets often arrive out of sequence (hence the sequence numbers to help in reassembling them)
dedicated circuit a leased communication circuit that goes from your site to some other location; also called a "private circuit"
distributed star architecture a series of star networks that are connected by a mesh or ring architecture
Ethernet a LAN developed by the Xerox Corporation; it uses coaxial cable or twisted-pair wires to connect the stations; was standardized as IEEE 802.3
ESP "Encapsulating Security Payload" the contents of the ESP packet (IP packet, TCP segment, and HTTP packet) are encryped so that no one except the VPN gateway at the office can read them
frame relay a packet-switching technology that transmits data faster than X.25 but slower than ATM; does not perform error control
full-mesh architecture every computer in a network is connected to every other computer
ISDN "Integrated Services Digital Network" a hierarchy of digital switching and transmission systems; provides voice, data, and image in a unified manner
ISP "Internet Service Provider" offer connects to the Internet; some access providers charge a flat monthly fee, whereas other charge per hour of use
latency the delay between when the first bits of a message arrive at a device and when the device begins transmitting them
layer-2 VPN uses the layer-2 packet (e.g. Ethernet) to select the VPN tunnel and encapsulates the entire packet, starting with the layer-2 packet
layer-3 VPN uses a layer-3 packet to select the VPN tunnel and encapsulates the entire packet, starting with th elayer-3 packet
mesh architecture in which many, but not all, computers in a network are connected
PAD "Packet Assembly/Disassembly" equipment providing packet assembly and disassembly between asynchronous transmission and the packet-switching network
packet-switching network a network designed to carry data in the form of packets; the packet and its format are internal to that network
POTS "Plain Old Telephone Network" the nickname for the public switched telephone network; often used when referring to dial-up Internet access using a modem
POP "Point of Presence" the physical access location of an ISP or voice or data communications carrier
ring architecture a LAN topogology having a logical geometric arrangement in the shape of a ring
star architecture connects all computers to one central computer that routes messages to the appropriate computer
SONET "Synchronous Optical Network" the National Exchange Carriers Association standard for optical transmission at gigabits-per-second speeds
T carrier a hierarchy of digital circuits designed to carry speech and other signals in digital form
VPN "Virtual Private Network" a hybrid network that includes both public and private facilities; the user leases a bundle of circuits and configures the VPN on an as-needed basis so that some traffic travels on the private leased network and some on public
VPN gateway a specially designed router or switch that provides acces from your networks to the VPN
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