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what is the signifiance of the ararm clock by Mrs. Dubose bed? what does scout suddenly notice about it one day? the alarm clock is for mrs. dubose's medicine time becasue she has morphine problems.
at the end of chapter 9, Atticus refers to the ingrained racism among the residents of Maycomb. how does he describe racism in this passage? To what does he compare it? he hopes that Jem and Scout won't be racest like the towns people.
What is the reason for the author's choice of a young narrator? To allow the story to be presented by someone who cannot take an active role To remove moral bias from the story To allow the narrator to mature as the story progresses
Scout is unusual for a first grader because: She can read and write
The Ewell family is: One of the poorest, least educated families in Maycomb
Walter Cunningham surprises Scout in which of the following ways? He discusses farming in a very mature way with Atticus He pours molasses onto his food He failed to pass first grade due to his having to leave to work on the farm
The setting of the novel is maycomb
The novel's action takes place in 1930s
Who says Walter Cunningham is trash? Aunt Alexabdra
What was Tom's big mistake in the trial? saying he felt bad for Ms. Mayella
who did scout punch? Francis
Who made sure Helen Robinson got a $10 donation from the church? Reverend Sykes
who did Scout and Jem make out of snow? Mr. Avery
Who gave Scout a lecture about how to treat company? calpurnia
Who got stabbed with a kitchen knife? Bob Ewell
Who did Scout find under her bed? Dill
Who was Mr. Ewell Bothering? Helen Robinson
What was the name of the mad dog Atticus shot? Tim Johnson
Mr. Dolphus Raymond gave Dill a drink of what to settle his stomach? coca-cola
Who followed Scout and Jem home after the pageant? bob ewell
Who carried Jem back to the house after he was hurt? boo radley (arthur radley)
Scout and ______, went through the house of horrors on Halloween cecil jacob
who was zeebo? calpurnia's oldest son.
what kind of flowers does mayella grow? geraniums
How did Mr. Tom Robinson's left hand become handi-capped? got stuck in a cotton gin.
what did scout htink when it started to snow? she thought the world was coming to an end/
who took scout and jem to the blacony? reverened sykes.
jem says that scout is what kind of finch? bullfinch
Created by: syaghoubi