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CTS 130 EM01

(Galvan) Excel M1

Excel is an electronic version of what? a spreadsheet
Excel stores documents as files called _________ workbooks
The contents of an active cell are displayed in the ______________ formula bar.
Charts can be either__________ or __________ as an embedded chart sheet, as a separate chart sheet
The default name given to an Excel workbook before it is renamed is ______________ Book1
By default, excel starts with _____ many worksheets? 3
Text data is any combination of_______________ letters, numbers and symbols
To complete a cell's entry use the ____ key Enter
Text is __________-aligned left
The characters +, -, * and / are all ________________? arithmetic operators
Expression used to calculate values displayed in a worksheet is called a(n) _____ formula
Excel formulas always begin with the _______ character? =
Formula used to multiply cell A1 by C1 is ____________ =A1*C1
To divide the value of one cell by some other number, you'd use the _________ symbol /
A ____________ is a group of cells. range
Removing the contents of a cell is known as _______ a cell clearing
To view formulas, one will need to switch to ____ view. formula
To select a nonadjacent range, select the first group of cells, press and hold the _____, and then select the other non-adjacent group of cells Ctrl
Excel provides the ability to create new worksheets and new __________ sheets. Chart
Intersection of a row and column is known as a(n) ___________ cell
Row headings are identified using a __________ Number
Active cell has a ________________border around it. thick
To make A1 the active cell, regardless of where you are in the worksheet, press the __________ ctrl & home
An Excel worksheet can have a maximum of ____________ columns in a worksheet 16,385
To go to Column A of the current row, press the __________ key. home
Cutting a selection sends it to the ______ until you paste it. clipboard
MM/DD/YYYY is an example of a _______ format. date
________ is used to access the GoTo dialog box. Ctrl & G
_________ will add the values of cells F6 through F9. =Sum(F6:F9)
To move the active cell up one row, press the ____. up arrow
use ______________ to divide c9 by B10. =c9/b10
In _________________ orientation, a page is taller than it is wide. landscape
Use the ___________ to toggle between formula and normal views. Ctrl & ~
___________ a printout reduces the width and the height of the printout to fit the number of pages you specify by shrinking the text size as needed. scaling
The __________ command gives you a precise control in setting column widths and row heights. format
A ____________ is a single point on a computer monitor. pixel
It is recommentded to set widths of columns based on characters, rather than __________ pixels
___________ makes it easier to enter repetitive text in cells. autocomplete
A ____________ sheet is a worksheet that provides information about the content and purpose of the workbook. documentation
To change a column width, you can click ____ on the Column submenu to make the column(s) as wide as the longest entry of the cells in the column. autofit
The Undo and Redo buttons are found on the ____. Quick Access Toolbar
The default column width is 8.43 standard-sized ____. characteres
Press the __________ key to switch to editing mode. F2
Excel makes reading formulas simpler by ___________________ each cell reference in the formula and its corresponding cell in the worksheet. color coding
To change the order of operations, enclose the part of the formula to execute first within ______________. parentheses
___________ = 50/(10*5) 1
_________ headings are identified by a number. row
To insert a new column, select a column, then click the Insert button in the ____ group on the Home tab. cells
To select a large range of cells, click the first cell in the range, press and hold ____, and then click the last cell in the range. shift
Copying a range of cells is similar to moving a range, except that you must press the ____ key while you drag the selection to its new location ctrl
By default, a printout of your worksheet will include ____________________. data in the worksheet
Created by: galvanl