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omm vocabulary

of mice and men vocabulary

derogatory belittling, insulting
morosely glumly; gloomily
contemplated considered thoughtfully
reluctantly done with hesitation
indignation anger at an injustice
meager having very little
subdued quiet; inhibited; repressed; controlled
sniveled to speak or act in a whining or weak way
bewildered to be perplexed or confused
quivering shaking; trembling slightly
anguished feeling of great physical or mental pain
gestured a movement that communicates an idea or a feeling
disarming removing suspicion or fear; charming
dejectedly sadly; depressed or disheartened
ominously menacingly; threateningly
ashamedly feeling bad for something since you know you are to blame
complacently in a pleased, satisfied manner
persuasive to induce to believe; to convince
confided to impart secrets trustfully
skeptically uncertain; doubtful
reprehensible shameful; very bad
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