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notes for art class

expressive a style in art that expresses feelings about subjects rather than realistic subjects
lines a path of a dot through space
realistic a style in art that presents subjects as close to real life as possible
tactile how things actually feel
technique a method of using materials to achieve a desired result
visual texture that we see
analogous colors that are next to each other on the color wheel
complement colors that are across from each other on the color wheel
shade a color made darker by adding black
tint a color made lighter by adding white
value the lightness or darkness of a color
cool color blue, purple, and green
mood a feeling presented in artwork
warm color red, yellow, and orange
background the part of a picture that is farthest away from you
foreground the part of a picture that is closest to you
middleground the part of the picture that is between the foreground and the background
Picasso an important artist of the twentieth century
saltimbanques traveling circus performers
art book a special book created by an artist
geometric shapes that are made by people using tools such as rulers
organic shapes that are found in nature, such as clouds, rocks, and trees
shape a space enclosed by a line that has two dimensions
contour the outline drawn around an object
form a shape that has three dimensions
overlap a technique of placing one object in front of another
still life a drawing or painting of everyday objects
portrait a drawing or painting of a person or group of people
style a term in art that describes how an artist makes and presents artwork
Created by: rachelleavitt