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Indonesia Basic


bakar, membakar to burn
bagi, membagi to divide
cerita story
buang, membuang to throw away
biasa usual, normal, customary
cipta idea, thought, creative powe
ajak to invite along somewhere
ambil, mengambil to take/fetch/get
angktat, mengangkat to lift/raise
cari, mencari to look/seek/hunt
goreng, menggoreng to fry
dorong, mendorong to push
cermin mirror
bina, membina to build/construct
bentuk form, shape
bicara, berbicara to speak
bangun to wake up
buka, membuka to open/take off
bersih clean
besar big, huge, large
baik good
bosan bored
bawa, membawa to bring
canda joke
arti meaning
gembira happy
butuh, membutuhkan to need
cinta love
coba to try
beban responsibility
banjir flood
waris heir
utama first
urut to be in a series
urus, mengurus to arrange/manage
tidur to sleep
teman friend
tani farmer
tanding match
tusuk skewer
tuju, menuju to go toward somewhere
tular,menular to spread/infect
warna color
gejala symptom
beritahu to inform
betul right, correct
asing strange
beda difference
bunyi sound
basah wet
gaul, bergaul to socialize with
ganti, mengganti to change/substitute
dengar to hear
duduk to sit
diri/ berdiri to stand up
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