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Who wrote the Fourteen Points Woodrow Wilson
What did the Treaty of Versailles do? It Brought World War I to an end.
What was the League of Nations? It was the 14 point of the Fourteen Points. It was associated with human rights and disarmament.
What did the League of Nations do? It sought collective security and mediated disagreements between countries.
What made the League of Nations weak? The U.S. didn't join. Countries aided other countries which didn't appeal to countries.
What was the Treaty of Germain in 1919? It settled the war with Austria and Austria was forced to recognize independence of Hungary.
What was the Treaty of Sevve in 1920? It dealt with the issue of the Ottoman Empire where Turkey gave up Greece.
Who was the Black Hand? Serbian terrorist group, who was looking for Serbian freedom at all cost.
Who was Franz Ferdinand? He was Arch Duke of Austria.
How was Franz Ferdinand was killed? First tried to kill him with a car bomb but didn't they avoided it. Then a gunman jumped out and shot him and his wife.
Who shot Franz Ferdinand? Gavrilo Princep
What happeded on July 28th 1914? Austria declares war on Serbia. Starting the Third Balkin War also known as World War I.
What is the Schieffen Plan? Germany would neutrialize France and be able to better win the war. But Belgium wouldn't them them go through their country and declaired war on Belgium.
What did declaring war on Belgium do? It entered the British into the war.
What was the First Battle of WWI? Battle of Marne
The Triple Alliance? Ottoman Empire, Germany, and Austria
The Triple Entente? Britian, Russia, France
When does the United States enter the war? April 1917
Why did the United States enter the war? Sinking of Lusitania and the Zimmerman Telegraph
Why was the US entering the war important? Because Russia just pulled out of the war.
What was the Zimmerman Telegraph? Saying if Mexico attacked the US, Germany would help Mexico get back land it lost to the US.
Whats "going over the top"? Was throwing massives amounts of men over the trenches, resulting in terrible slaughter.
Life in trenches? Trench foot, fight off rats for food, men went mad, some men deserted, self inflicted wounds, and no mans land
Name two of the Battles. Battle of Verdun and Battle of Summe
New technologies Gas, Submarines, tanks, synchronized machine guns in airplaines (German).
Who was the Red Barron? He was a Germon pilot who shot down 80 allied airplanes at 400 rounds a minute.
What was the Dardanelles Campaign? It was a battle to gain a sea route for the Russians. The allies lost gaining a victory of the Ottoman. It came at a lose of 250,000.
Why did Ghandi support the war? He thought it would help India gain independence for the British.
What is the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk? Treay allowed Russia to pull out of the World War I (1918). It lost land, railway, manufacturing industry, iron industry, coal field, and about a 1/4th of their population.
Battle of Marne importance The Germans lose.
What was the Armenian Genicide? Commited by the Ottoman Empire. Turkey deported 2 million Armenian and 100,000 died in forced march to camps.
What is Nihilistic? The idea that life had no meaning or purpose, value systems wer artificial and outmoded.
What is Existentianlism? The isea that their was no universal meaning to life, people had to create their own meaning to life through individual choices and actions.
What lead to the 1929 Stock Market crash? Credit Cards, installment payments and Down Payments. Luxury Life Styles.
Who are the Russian Serfs? Russian Peasants
Who abolished serfdom? Tsar Alex II
What happeded atfter Tsar Alex II died? His son Alex III revoked his fathers costitution, build up military at the expence of industry, and reinforced his autocratic rule
Why was Nick II so ill-equipped to be Tsar? His father died young, never intrudued him to rule, no confidence, and basically was not ready.
What disease did Alexi have? Hemophilia
Russo-Japanese War Russia wanted to move into Manchuria and Korea. They got their asses handed to them by Japan because they were not up-to-date with their army or weapons.
What is Bloody Sunday? Peasants marched peaceful to Saint Pertersburg but Nick II wasn't there. The troops accidentaly fired on the protesters. After that Nick II become unpopular and a target.
What happened during the Strike of 1905? Trains stopped, schools and hospitals closed, electricity stopped running, and food was scarce.
Who founded the Marxist Social Democratic Party? Leon Trotsky
What was the Duma? It was the Russian Parliment.
How many Duma's were there? 4, they became less and less representative of the people.
Response to World War I. Nick II lead the troops and Alexandria was in charge of the governemnt.
How was Rasputin killed? First poisoned, didn't work Then poisoned again him again, didn't work Shot him in the back, didn't kill him Shot him again, still didn't kill him Dumped him in a river and thats where he finally drowned.
What happened in March 1917? First Russian Revolution
What happened in November 1917? Second Russian Revolution
Whats the difference between "red" and "white" army? The "Red" army was the Bolsheviks and "White" was for constitutional monarchy.
The Russian Civil war lasted how long and who won? It lasted two years and the "Red" army won.
What was the New Economic Policy? Peasants allowed to sell surplus, sold property to make capitol, and sought foreign investments.
What does USSR? Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.
Difference between Marx and Lenin. Both saw histoy was being class struggle. However Marx saw the struggle between capitialist and workers. Lenin say it as capitalist and peasants. Also Marx thought the workers should take contol but Lenin thought the state should take control.
What was the alliance that Stalin created? Troika also known as Triumverate.
Who was in the Troika? Alexi Rukov, Lev Kamenev, Grigori Zenoviev.
When did Stalin come to power? In 1923
How was Trotsky killed? Stabbed in the head with an ice pick.
What was the Great Purge? It was the death of 8-13 million people. It involved exiles and banning all religious organizations.
What was the 5 yr plan? An economic plan that fell far short of its dempands.
What was the Agricultural Revolution? Government seized 25 million small farms and creates one massive state run farm.
Who were the Kulaks? Wealthy peasants, lost their land to collectives and engaged in guerrilla tactics
How many died in the Great Famine? 5-8 million died, some resorted to cannibalism
What rights were woman granted in USSR? Woman gained leagal right, able to join the work force, however still had domestic resposibilities.
What happened to USSR on the eve of WWII? USSR became fully industrialized and created a totalitarian government.
What is fascism? Emphasize extreme sense if loyalty to the state, emphasize near absolute obediance to state leader, militerism, and violence.
Who was Mussolini? He was a newspaper editor, and founded the Italian Fascist party in 1919. He was made prime minister of Italy and later became dictator of Italy.
What is Bonapartism? Political idea of a strong and centralized state.
What was the First Balkin War? It involved allies Serbia, Greece, and Bulgaria against the Ottoman Empire.
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