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geography of france

which mountains form the frontier between france and Italy? les alpes
the highest peak in Europe (Whats it called and which mountain?) Le mont Blanc les alps
the mountains that separate France from Spain Les pyrenees
the main border between France and Switzerland Le Jura
the mountains found in Alsace near Germany Les vosages
chain of mountains in the oldest countries. one will find extinct volcanoes le massif central
what do we find in the massif central les cevennes
le fleuve le plus navigable et le plus important au pooint de vue commercial. La ______ nait dans le centre - est de la france. Elle traverse Prism pois la Normandie et se jette dans la manche, pres du havre la seine
le plus long fleuve francais. Elle nait dans le massif central et se jette dans l'Atlantique. Il y a beaucoup de chateaux celebres le long de la vallee de la loire la loire
vient d'Espagne. Elle se jette dans L"Atlantique pres de la ville de bordeaux, ou elle forme un bras de mer appele la gironde la garonne
the most rapid and turbulent river. it is in the Swiss Alpes. La Rhone
the river that separates france and germany le rhin
a northwest penninsula of a country who advances itself into the Atlantic. Its an agricultural region. Many people speak in an ancient dialect. La Bertagne
A religious event celebrated in Bertagne every year Pardons
at the northwest of france and it is on the sleeve la Normandie
two historical events remind the province: the conquest of England in 1066 by the Duke of normaandie, William the Conqueror, and the landing of Allied for liberate Europe during World War Conde La Normandie
province of the Kings of France. Paris is on _______ L'Ille-de-France
Northeast of the countries. These two provinces disputed between France and Germany for the century. _______ is important for its agriculture ________ is important because it has rich iron mines and is an industrious region L'Alsace et La Lourraine L'Alsace La Lourraine
south east of France Enters the Mediterranean, Les Alpes and Le Rhone Many Roman monuments A big number of Citizens speak _____ an ancient dialect. La Provence
The celebration ___________ is the located along the Meterranean and enters Marseille and the italian frontier Conte D'Azur
in the valley of the Loire nicknamed <le jardin de la France> Many fruits and vedgetables are grown here many splendid castles La Touraine
(2) fertile regions known for wine La Bourgogne et la chanpagne
in the Massif zcentral mountainy region and the origin of the volcanoe L'Auvergne
east the principle french province of the Alps La Savoie
What is in La Savoie Le mont Blanc
frontier with Belgium important industrial region La Flandre
port on the mediterranean in the mouth of the Rhone big port of the french sea big commerce with North Africa and l'Orient. Marseille
mouth of the Seine big port on the Manche Cherbourg, Boulgogne, et Calais are also ports on the Manche Le Havre
important port for the seas of the north Dunkerque
mouth of the Garonne port for exports of wine Bordeaux
Mouth of the Loire construction naval Nantes
lies at the junction of the Rhone and the saone. Its a city for traditional industries like silk and raonne Lyon
north east textile industry Lille
Capital of Alsace a port on the Rhin in the gothic cathedral one finds an astronomical clock Strasbourg
a port on the seine and normandie its in the village where the jeanne of Arc was executed Rouen
the heart of the routes that lead into the alpes. its a center for intellectual, economical, and touristic sites there are number of laboratories of research. grenoble
on the garonne an important walking region makes planes and the air industry Toulouse
the center of production of wine. known for its gothic cathedral one crowned the kings reims
(2)in the lourraine centers of construction or mechanics especially automobiles Nancy Mets
in the center of the countries metropolitan french of rubber tires Clermond - Ferrand
big city of Cote D'Azur many seaside resorts who attire many tourists. Nice
Every year, ______ is an international festival at the movie theater Cannes
(2) popular beaches of Normandie Deauville et Trouville
at the feet of Mont Blanc a pretty ski resort one does mountaineering chamonix
in the massif central a station of spa many mineral water vichy
station on the Atlantic before Spain Biarritz
in the middle of France and is an conserved, fortified, young village Carcassonne
small island on the Manche enters the Bertagne and Normandie Le Mont Saint Michel
in the Pyranees big religious center Lourdes
on the Rhone and Provence celebration of the Popes Avignon
(2)2 cities where many roman monuments are best conserved Nimes Arles
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