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5.8 ZangFu theory

ZangFu organ detail infor: GB (HB KIM p.22)

_____organ stores and excretes bile. GB
GB reveives bile from_____organ, and stores and excretes it for_____ porpose. LV, digestive
GB dysfunction of storing and excreting bile, the s.s would be:__________1) ausea vomiting, belching; 2) headache, vertigo, dizziness; 3)timid, fearful, no drive nausea vomiting, belching
_____ gives GB energy to aid digestion. Minister Fire
the flow of bile depends on the function of_____. freeflow of LV Qi
what is the only Yang organ that does not deal with food, drink an waste products?7)SI; 8)GB; 9)LI; 10)ST; 11)UB; 12)SJ GB
what is the only Yang organ that does not communicate with exterior (mouth, anus, urethra)?7)SI; 8)GB; 9)LI; 10)ST; 11)UB; 12)SJ GB
what is the only Yang organ that has storage function? 7)SI; 8)GB; 9)LI; 10)ST; 11)UB; 12)SJ GB
_____organ controls decisiveness. GB
GB's function 1) making decisions, controls courage and initiative; 2)distinguishing relevant issues with clarity before making a decision; 3)capacity for letting go and for not dwelling in the past; 4)feeling of jealousy, suspicion making decisions, controls courage and initiative
GB deficiency: 1) timid or fearful, no drive; 2)discrimination and judgement; 3)fears, anxieties or insecurities; 4) feeling of jealousy, suspicion, ong-standing grudges timid or fearful, no drive
GB provides Qi to ________to ensure their proper movement and agility. Sinews
the gathering (HUI) point for sinews is on the _____point GB34
what are the psychological level of GB? 1)initiation courage, makes decisions, makes change; 2)mental confusion, severe anxiety;3) feeling of jealousy, suspicion, long-standing grudges initiation courage, makes decisions, makes change
Metal aspect:the ascending of _____Qi stiulateL Qi (HUN)toascend; deficiency causing______ excess causing______ GB Qi; depression; Mania
_____organ has an influence of the quality and length of sleep, e.g. awakens early in the morning, unable to fall asleep again? 1)HT ;2LV ;3)LU ;4)SP; 5)KD; 6)PC; 7)SI; 8)GB; 9)LI; 10)ST; 11)UB; 12)SJ GB deficiency
Created by: jolingchang