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1.2 Yin Yang theory

five aspects of yin-yang relationship

all things have yin and yang aspects opposition(CAM p.13-14)
fire←→water opposition(CAM p.13-14)
light←→darkness opposition(CAM p.13-14)
sun←→moon opposition(CAM p.13-14)
round←→flat opposition(CAM p.13-14)
time←→space opposition(CAM p.13-14)
east←→west opposition(CAM p.13-14)
south←→north opposition(CAM p.13-14)
left←→right opposition(CAM p.13-14)
immaterial←→material opposition(CAM p.13-14)
energy←→matter opposition(CAM p.13-14)
exterior←→interior opposition(CAM p.13-14)
heat←→cold opposition(CAM p.13-14)
excess←→deficiency opposition(CAM p.13-14)
restless←→quiet opposition(CAM p.13-14)
actue←→chronic opposition(CAM p.13-14)
rapid changes←→lingering disease opposition(CAM p.13-14)
stretch out←→curl up opposition(CAM p.13-14)
red face←→pale face opposition(CAM p.13-14)
coarse breathing←→shallow breathing opposition(CAM p.13-14)
thirst←→no thirst opposition (CAM p.13-14)
Yin and Yang cannot exist without the other inter-dependence(CAM p.14)
Yin corresponds to nutrient substance, and yang to functional activities inter-dependence(CAM p.14)
without structure (Yin), the function (Yang )could not perform inter-dependence(CAM p.14)
the Yin organs depend on the Yang organs to produce Qi and Blood inter-dependence(CAM p.14)
the Yang organs depend on the Yin organs for their nourighment deriving from Blood and Essence inter-dependence(CAM p.14)
Yin and Yang are in a constant state of Change for preserving the balance Mutual-consuming(CAM p.14)
in sumertime the weather is hot (Yang) and we sweat (Yin)more Mutual-consuming(CAM p.14)
when the external temperature is very cold (Yin), the body starts trembling (Yang) Mutual-consuming(CAM p.14)
excess of Yin: excess cold (interior/ exterior )in the body consumes the Yang, especially SP Yang (full cold) Mutual-consuming(CAM p.14)
excess of Yang: excess heat (extyerior/ interior) consumes the body fluids and leads to dryness (full heat) Mutual-consuming(CAM p.14)
consumption of Yang: the decrease of Yang energy leads to symptoms of a relative excess Yin, such as feeling of cold and chilliness (empty-cold) Mutual-consuming(CAM p.14)
consumption of Yin: the decrease of Yin leads to symptoms of a relative excess Yang, such as feeling of heat (empty-heat) Mutual-consuming(CAM p.14)
excess cold Mutual-consuming(CAM p.14)
excess heat Mutual-consuming(CAM p.14)
deficient cold Mutual-consuming(CAM p.14)
deficient heat Mutual-consuming(CAM p.14)
Yang defiicency Mutual-consuming(CAM p.14)
Yin deficiency Mutual-consuming (CAM p.14)
Yin and Yang can change into one another inter-transformation (CAM p.15)
day turns into night inter-transformation (CAM p.15)
excessive work (Yang) without rest induces extreme deficiency (Yin) of the body's energies inter-transformation (CAM p.15)
excessive jogging (Yang) induces a very slow (Yin)pulse inter-transformation (CAM p.15)
excessive consumption of alcohol creates a pleasant euphoria (Yang)which is quickly followed by a hang-over (Yin) inter-transformation (CAM p.15)
exterior cold (Yin)can invade the body and , after a time, it can easiily change into heat (Yang) inter-transformation (CAM p.15)
excess heat (Yang)can damage the body fluids, and lead to deficiency of fluids (Yin) inter-transformation (CAM p.15)
deficiency of slpeen-Yang (Yin)can lead to excess of dampness (Yang) inter-transformation (CAM p.15)
Quantitative change .....balance and homeostasis mutual-consuming
Qualitative change.......8 rpinciple change inter-transformation (CAM p.15)
Yin and Yan aspect can be further divided into Yin Yang infinite divisibility (CAM p.15)
temperature can divided into cold (Yin)and hot (Yang), but cold can divide futher into icy cold(Yin) and moderately cold (Yang) infinite divisibility (CAM p.15)
in the body, the front of the trunk is Yin compared with the bakc, but the front can be devided further so that the abdomen is Yin in relation to the chest infinite divisibility (CAM p.15)
Quote: when Yin predominates, Yang will be diseased; when Yang predominates, Yin will be diseased 1.opposition 2.inter-dependence3.mutual consuming4.inter-transformation5.infinite divisibility opposition (from simple questions)
Quote: yin remains inside to act as a guard for Yng, and Yang stays outside to act as a servant for Yin. 1.opposition 2.inter-dependence3.mutual consuming4.inter-transformation5.infinite divisibility inter-dependence (from simple question)CAM
Quote: Yin is in the tnterior and is the material foundation of Yang; Yang is ans the exterior and is the manifestation of Yin 1.opposition 2.inter-dependence3.mutual consuming4.inter-transformation5.infinite divisibility inter-dependence (from simple question)FCM
without Yang there would be no production of Yin; without Yin there would be no production of Yang 1.opposition 2.inter-dependence3.mutual consuming4.inter-transformation5.infinite divisibility inter-dependence (from: illustrated supplement to the classified classics)CAM
In order to contract, it is necessary first to expand. 1.opposition 2.inter-dependence3.mutual consuming4.inter-transformation5.infinite divisibility inter-dependence (Dao De Jing)FCM
consumption of Yin leading to Gaining of Yang; consumption of Yang leading to Gaining of Yin. 1.opposition 2.inter-dependence3.mutual consuming4.inter-transformation5.infinite divisibility Mutual consuming. CAM
extreme Yin will necessarily produce Yang; extreme Yang will necessarily produce Yin; Severe Cold will give birth to heat;severe heat will give birth to cold 1.opposition 2.inter-dependence3.mutual consuming4.inter-transformation5.infinite divisibility Inter-transformation (from: simple Questions)CAM
Yin and Yang could amount to ten in number; they could be extended to one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand or infinity; but although infinitely divisible, yin and yang are based upon only one important infinite devisibity (from: simple Questions)
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