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PBHS CivW Battles

Civil War Battles

Fort Sumter is in which harbor? In the harbor at Charleston, S. Carolina
Who led the attack on Fort Sumter Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard
Where was First Bull Run fought? Manassas, Virginia (west of D.C.)
First major showdown of Civil War? First Bull Run
Who led First Bull Run attack? Beauregard routed the Union
Who held left line at First Bull Run Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson at Henry House Hill
First showdown between ironclad boats? Hampton Roads in southeastern VA
Bloodiest naval battle until Pearl Harbor? Hampton Roads
Union ironclad at Hampton Roads? Monitor
USS Merrimack converted into? CSS Virginia
Hampton Roads outcome? stalemate--Union maintained blockade
Named for church at Pittsburg Landing, TN Shiloh
"hornets' nest" was part of what battle? Shiloh
McClellan's plan to capture Confederate capital at Richmond, VA Peninsular Campaign
battle ending Peninsular Campaign Seven Days' Battles
Union troops to flee to Washington after Lincoln replaced McClellan with John Pope Second Bull Run/Second Manassas
Pope's left flank crushed at Second Bull Run by James Longstreet
Bloodiest DAY in? (23,000) Antietam
Lee's Special Order 191 wrapped around 3 cigars found by Union soldier Antietam
The Bloody Lane Antietam; 2000 (union) troops died in a few minutes
McClellan's delay prevented capture of Confed. army Antietam
Union commander who replaced McClellan Burnside
"The Mud March" up the Rappahannock (River) , Fredericksburg, VA (march against the weather and over wounded and dead bodies)
Grant campaign to control Mississippi River Vicksburg, Mississippi
Stonewall Jackson killed in which battle? Chancellorsville (Spotsylvania, VA)
"Fighting Joe" Union Commander Joe Hooker
Farthest northward advancement by confed. army Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
J.E.B. Stuart confed. came a day late Gettysburg
Cemetery Ridge; Little Round Top; Big Round Top Gettysburg
Pickett's "charge" through open field gets 15,000 Conf.mowed down Gettysburg
"Rock of Chicamauga" Conf. General in the Chattanooga Campaign
First clash between Grant and Lee Battle of the Wilderness in Wilderness Campaign
Battles include using trenches Wilderness Campaign
Grant lays siege to railroad hub Petersburg Campaign
Pennsylvania coal miners detonate 4 tons powder under Confed. lines "Battle of the Crater" in Petersburg Campaign
Where was Chancellorsville? Spotsylvania County, VA
Lee's greatest victory in his own mind Chancellorsville
Meade replaced Hooker Gettysburg
Bloodiest BATTLE of the Civil War Gettysburg
Where did Lee surrender? Appomattox Courthouse, Appomattox, VA
Date Lee surrendered? April 9, 1865
Where was Shiloh? Pittsburg Landing, TN
Where was Antietam? Sharpsburg, Maryland
First major battle fought west of the Mississippi River Wilson's Creek--Springfield, Missouri
Henry House Hill was where what happened? Stonewall Jackson held the left line
Of what did Stonewall Jackson die? Pneumonia (8 days after being shot)
Who shot Stonewall Jackson? His own troops
Hard Times. La Vicksburg
Lookout Mntn Chattanooga, TN
"Battle Above the Clouds" Battle at Lookout Mntn, Chattanooga, TN
where the first Union general was killed Wilson's Creek
Where is Wilson's Creek? Springfield, MO
Sharpsburg, Marlyland Antietam
Spotsylvania County, Virginia Chancellorsville
Found wrapped around 3 cigars Lee's special order 191
date US civil war began April 12, 1861
President of Confederacy Jefferson Davis
Stonewall Jackson's real name Thomas Jonathon Jackson
Created by: gkarlish