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macbeth terms

term sheet for macbeth

miracle play similar to loaves and fishes, jesus stories
wren analogy instinct to protect its young, relates to macduff leaving his family behind.
morality play Good and evil
aside removes himself from the play. macbeth and lady macbeth do this often.
soliloquy characters come out and talk.
apparitions visions that arent there. Macbeth and the witches.
paradox contradictory statement
dramatic irony audience knows but the characters do not.
sleeplessness a form of torture brought on by the witches for a women's husband whom did not give them chestnuts
false face appear to be friendly but inside hate the person
comic relief break of comedic acts. the porter scene.
scone town in scotland where kings are crowned.
Thane of cawdor Macbeth
bear baiting fight between bears and dogs in which the bear is tied to a stake and then is forced to fight dogs. Macbeth feels this way towards the end against malcolm and macduff.
ambition only pro to killing duncan
allegory characters that represent abstract qualities.
Malcolm's Test for Macduff test that eventually leads to war monger in order to see if macbeth wanted to support himself or the country.
beelzebub called lord of the flies. cast down from heaven when he tried to overrule God. feasts on moral decay.
Roman fool Macbeth refuses to be a roman fool and die fighting.
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