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Stack #890084

Lesson 5 Vocabulary

Footer text that appears at the bottom (foot) of every page or presentation
Freeze to keep headings in place while you scroll through a worksheet
Header text that appears at the top of every page or presentation
Landscape the orientation of a page, worksheet, or a slide that is wider than it is tall
Margin the amount of space between the text and the edge of the page
Page break the place where one printed page ends and the next begins. A soft page break automatically moves text to a new page. A hard page break can be inserted to force text to a new page.
Page orientation refers to whether a page is laid out vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape)
Portrait the orientation of a page, worksheet, or presentation that is taller than it is wide
Print area the part of a worksheet that prints
Split to divide a window into two panes that you can scroll independently
Template a guide that contains the formatting of a particular type of document, workbook, or presentation
Arrange to organize more than one window on the screen at the same time
Common shared by two or more parties
Convert to change the format of a document or file
Locate to determine or indicate the place, or limits of
Created by: ValkrieWren