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S.S. Sponge #7

Sponge #7 (Quiz on 3-12-12)

What was the name of the beautiful city built by the Aztecs on Lake Texcoco?What city is built there now? Tenochtitlan Mexico City
What was the term for the floating gardens that the Aztecs built on Lake Texcoco? Chinampas
Who did the Aztecs usually sacrifice to the gods for religious purposes? Humans-usually prisoners
What were some items that helped Herman Cortes & his conquistadors conquer the Aztecs? Horses, Weapons, Diseases, Other Tribes
The exchange of crops, goods, animals, & diseases between Europe & its colonies in the Americas after Columbus' voyage in 1492 The Columbian Exchange
What were 4 diseases that the Europeans brought to Latin America with them? Small Pox, Measles, Whooping Cough, & Influenza (the Flu)
What animal changed life forever in Latin America? Horses
Which 2 crops are considered to be the most important ones that traveled from the Americas to Europe? Corn & Potatoes
Which ancient civilization grew to about 12 million people & stretched along the west coast of South America? The Incas
What did the Incas do so they could farm & grow crops on steep mountainsides? They terraced the land
How did the Incas send messages to each other since they did not have a written language? Relay team messengers who were long distance runners ran to the place the people needed to give the message to and they would run back.
What is the name of the city that is 8,000ft above sea level? Machu Picchu
What was the major consequences of the Spanish conquering the Aztecs & the Incas? the creation of a new spanish empire that stretched from today's California-Mexican border to the Southern tip of South America
What does the word "indigenous" mean? native to a particular area or region (refers to people, plants, trees, & animals)
If your body is resistant to a disease, we say that you are ____________ to that disease. immune
When Spanish & portuguese settlers moved to Latin America, what did they plan to do to make a living? They mined for gold & silver or grow sugarcane to export to Europe
Why did the Europeans bring in African slaves to work on their sugarcane plantations? Because European diseases had killed millions of Native Americans in Latin America & the Europeans living in Latin America needed a new work force
Why did the Spanish & portuguese prefer to use African slaves instead of making slaves of the conquered indigenous people of the Caribbean & South America? African slaves were more immune to European diseases than Native Americans of Latin America
Why did the sugarcane plantations in South America do so well financially? Because of slave labor
Which country imported more African slaves than any other country in the world? Brazil
Spanish ships that sailed from South America back to Portugal & Spain were loaded with what 3 major items? Gold, Silver, & Sugarcane
What was the main source of income for Portuguese settlers in Brazil during the 1500's & 1600's? Sugarcane
Which 5 countries had colonies in South America in the 1500's? Portugal, Spain, Great Britain, France, & Dutch (the Netherlands)
What type of plantations were very successful in the Caribbean Islands (West Indes) during the 1700's? What was imported to help them be so successful? Sugarcane & Slavery or Slaves
Besides teaching the Catholic religion to the Native people of Latin America, the Catholic Church also played an important part in teaching what to the people? The Spanish Language
A station in a remote or sparsely populated area is called an ______. In Mexico, Catholic priests established church _______ called _______ where they taught the Indians the Catholic religion, the Spanish Language, & Spanish customs? Outpost, Outposts, Missions
In what country of the Caribbean Islands did the slaves rebel in 1791 & gained their freedom in 1794? Who was their leader? What is this country called today? St. Domingue, Toussaint L'Overture, Haiti
What did the French emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, do the leader of St. Domingue after this leader declared himself to be dictator for life of this country? Napoleon had the French army take over St. Domingue & put Toussaint in prison in France until he died
What is the name of the famous general that many South American countries owe their independence to? Simon Bolivar
What was the English nickname that was given to the famous general, Simon Bolivar? "the liberator" or "George Washington of South America"
Created by: EmCat