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Focal Training

SDLC Software Development Life Cycle
Interface Testing - What does it do? Tests the way components and subsystems are linked and work together.
Interface Testing - How can it be done? Can be done between separate modules and data interchanges to other applications
Interface Testing - Why is it done? U.I. components and subsystems don't work together because they are developed by different people.
Black Box Testing - AKA Behavioral Testing or Closed Box Testing or Functional Testing
Functional Testing - AKA Behavioral Testing or Black Box Testing or Closed Box Testing
Behavioral Testing - AKA Black Box Testing or Closed Box Testing or Functional Testing
FRs Functional Requirements
NFRs Non Functional Requirements
Regression Testing Testing/checking the effects of changes made in the code. Re-runs previous tests to make sure that the changes made in the current software don't affect the functionality of existing software.
Regression Testing Tools Black Box Testing, Functional Testing, System Testing, Performance Testing, Database Testing, Integration Testing
SDLC Models Waterfall, Incremental, V-Model, Prototyping Model, Spiral Model, RAD model, Agile model, Scrum Model, XP Model
Black Box Testing Tools Functional Testing or Regression Testing
Functional Testing Applies to Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing and Regression Testing
Functional Testing Web Errors Broken Links, Missing Images, Wrong Links, Wrong Images, Accepting Invalid/Expired CC.
Transaction Flow Testing 1. Name, Address 2. CC Approval 3. Summary 4. Final Action
Applications use ___ behind their transaction and report screen to manage the applications data Database
Many applications use Databases behind their ___ screen and ___ screen to manage the applications data. Transaction and Report
Database Functional Testing - 2 Steps 1. Check application data manipulating outside of the application (add book on the website) 2. Check the "back side" of application after successful flow testing (was book info added to the database)
System Testing Part of Performance Testing. Check that the software functions properly from end-to-end. FRs & NFRs.
Performance Testing Includes System Testing & Functional Testing. Maintain a website with low "Response Time," high 'Throughput" and low "Utilization."
Throughput Number of client requests processed within a certain unit of time. Amount of data rcv/transferred from server to user by b/sec (byte) or kb/sec (kilo byte).
Load Test Design capacity of the system within the resources limit. For 1 hr - 1,000 users are accessing the page, 2 hrs - 1,000 users are accessing the page, 1 hr - 3,000 users are accessing the page.
Volume Test A.K.A. amount of Data. Process of feeding a program with heavy volume of data. If 1,000 users are trying to register at the same time, how much time will it take?
Stress Test Breakdown point of the system beyond the resources limit. Longer hours or days. If 5,000 ppl are accessing the page for 24 hrs or 5,000 ppl for 48 hrs
Response Time Delay experienced when a request is made to the server and the server's response to the client is received.
Utilization Usage level of different system resources, such as the server's CPU(s), memory, network bandwidth.
Performance Testing - 2 ways Load Testing & Stress Testing
Load Testing # of users a system is capable or not capable of handling. Virtual users are simulated to exhibit the real user behavior. Testing is done in increments, 1 user, 50, users, 100 users till the specified amt. this testing doesn't check the limit of users.
Stress Testing A.K.A. Performance Testing. The objective is to identify the maximum number of users the system can handle before breaking down.
Usability Testing Examples Orphan pages, long download times (more than 10 sec to download), scrolling text
Compatibility Testing Example The web site should work well in various browsers. And various operating systems.
Compatibility Testing Whether one application works well with other software or hardware. Ex: If Facebook works on Firefox and IE.
Configuration Testing Process of checking the operation of your software with various types of hardware and software. A website may look great under one browser and not display at all under another.
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