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Unit 5 Achievements


frigid very cold
treacherous full of danger
triumph to be successful
uninhabited not live in
expedition a journey with a specific purpose
labor hard work, toil
dismantled took something apart piece by piece
abandon to leave and not return
selfish thinking only of oneself; putting one's own interests and desires before those of others
bumbling making clumsy mistakes
cranky cross or in a bad temper; grouchy
commotion a noisy disturbance; confusion
exasperated annoyed greatly; made angry
speciality a special thing that a person knows a great deal about or can make very well
famished very hungry; starving
period a length of time
vessels ships or large boats
valuable important or worth a lot of money
documenting making a record of an item or event
estimated guessed at
skyscrapers very tall buildings
collage a picture made by pasting paper, cloth, metal, and other things in an arrangement on a surface
barbecue a meal, usually meat, cooked outdoors over an open fire
glorious having or deserving praise or honor; magnificent
strutting walking in a self-important way
flicked Hit or moved with a quick, light snap
swarms large groups of insects flying or moving together
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