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clear blood heat

6 herbs

Sheng Di Huang - taste sweet, bitter
Sheng Di Huang - channels HT, LV, KD
Sheng Di Huang - functions generate fluids. cool the upward, blazing HT fire. used for wasting and thirsting disorders (diabetes)
Sheng Di Huang - contra sp def, yang def, preg women w/blood def. onion, garlic, radish should be avoided.
Sheng Di Huang - dosage 9 - 30
Shui Niu Jiao - taste salty
Shui Niu Jiao - channel HT, LV, ST
Shui Niu Jiao - functions relieve fire-toxin (can replace xi jiao)
Shui Niu Jiao - dosage 6 - 15 (p) 30-120 (d)
Xuan Shen - taste sweet, salty, bitter
Xuan Shen - channel KD, LU, ST
Xuan Shen - functions nourish yin, relieve toxicity. dissipates nodules
Xuan Shen - caution dampness, diarrhea due to sp/st def
Xuan Shen - incompatible Li Lu
Xuan Shen - antagonizes Huang Qi, Gan Jiang, Da Zao, Shan Zhu Yu
Xuan Shen - dosage 9-30
Mu Dan Pi - taste bitter, acrid
Mu Dan Pi - channels LV, HT, KD
Mu Dan Pi - functions invigorate blood and dispel blood stasis. clears ascending LV fire
Mu Dan Pi - contra cold conditions, pregnancy, excess menstruation, yin def w/excess sweating
Mu Dan Pi - counteract Tu Si Zi, Bei Mu, Da Huang
Mu Dan Pi - dosage 6-12
Zi Cao - taste sweet
Zi Cao - channels HT, LV
Zi Cao - functions relieve fire toxicity while venting rashes: for fire toxin w/dark purple rashes. moisten intestines & unblocks bowels
Zi Cao - caution sp/st def (because has mild laxative effect)
Zi Cao - contra measels
Zi Cao - dosage 3-9
Di Gu Pi - taste sweet
Di Gu Pi - channels LU, LV, KD
Di Gu Pi - functions clear LU heat and stop coughing. drain floating fire in KD channel: for toothache due to fire from def
Di Gu Pi - contra loose stools due to sp/st def cold, external disorders
Di Gu Pi - dosage 6-15
Mu Dan Pi + Di Gu Pi toothache
Created by: Denana