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Social studies c12

Who was the inventor of the Spinning Jenny Samuel Slater
Who invented the "Gin" Eli Whitney
Who invented the Cotton Mill Francis Cabot Lowell
The shift of production from hand to machines and from homes to factories Industrial Revolution
Using machines to make large quantities of goods faster and cheaper then they could be made by hand Mass Production
Tax placed on imports to discourage the purchase of foreign goods Protective Tariff
The movement of people from one country to make their home another Immigration
Widespread fear caused by a sudden down turn in prices or change in property values Financial Panic
Devotion to the interests of one's own section of the country over those of the nation as a whole Sectionalism
Treaty signed in 1819 between the U.S and Spain that gave Florida to the U.S and decided the boundary between the U.S and Spanish Territory in the southwest Adams-Onis Treaty
Statement issued by president Monroe in 1823 declaring that European nations should not interfere with American nations or try to claim additional territory in the western hemisphere Monroe Doctrine
Period following the war of 1812(during the presidency of Monroe) when the U.S experienced peace and unity Era of Good Feeling
Compromise by which Missouri was admitted to the union as a slave state and Maine was admitted as a free state Missouri Compromise
State where slavery is legal Slave State
State in which slavery was illegal Free State
What height difference did the Erie Canal overcome? 571 Feet...40 feet wide and 360 miles long
The government would help industry financially by doing what? A new national bank
Where was the National Road built? Baltimore,Maryland to Wheeling Virginia
The name of the first steamboat was? The Clermont
The governor of NY who persuaded the legislature to pay for the building of the Erie Canal was whom? Dewitt Clinton
The Erie canal stretches from where to where? The Hudson River to Lake Erie
The first motorized train car on a wagon was called what? Tom Thumb
How long did it take to build the Erie Canal? 8 years
Where did Robert Fulton test his invention? The Hudson River
The Cotton Gin could do the work of how many slaves? 50
what were the results of the Adams-Onis Treaty? in 1819 the U.S got Florida and Spain gave up Oregon Country
What caused the financial panic in 1819? crop prices dropped
what invention,by which person, revolutionized river travel? Steam Boat by Robert Fulton
What did Cooper's invention prove? That steam engines could move faster and carry heavier loads then horses
Who led the revolutions in the northern part of South America? Simon Bolivard
What was the big question with regard to slavery? Whether or not to expand into new states that were being formed from the Louisiana Purchase
What happened to the internal improvements bill and who did it? James Monroe vetoed it
What are two advantages of canal travel over rivers and roads? Canals can go where rivers can't and canals are easier to travel along
What were the specifics of the agreement with Britain that would mean a lasting peace? The 49th parallel and to share Oregon Country
James Monroe was wise enough to do what? Make the Monroe Doctrine
Who was responsible for beginning the independence movement in Mexico? Miguel Hidalgo
Why did Americans turn away from Federalist policy? Against war of 1812
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