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EIL Unit 5 Review

In "Godolphin Horne" why wasn't he hired? He thinks he is better than other people.
What ship was Sir Joseph involved with? apprenticeship
What can Mr. Kaplan can be best describe as? A student who does not see his own errors.
What does Inetta really want to be able to read? The Bible
"Three Visitors in the Night" is an excerpt from? a biography
What biblical elements doesn't "The Crucifixion" show? The shouting match at the cross between Mark and the Pharisees.
What do these lines imply?" "The jester doffed his cap and bells,/ And stood the mocking court before;/ They could not see the bitter smile/ Behind the painted grin he wore. The fool intends the his prayer-though spoken by a fool-not be foolish.
The title "Two Went Up to the Temple to Pray" is an example of? a biblical allusion
What does Homer's decision to go through with the performance not illustrate what trait? arrogance
What sentence best show that Caddie felt some remorse for her actions? "I wish I hadn't promised Tom to play that next trick on her."
What is the irony in which the reader knows more than one or more of the characters know? dramatic irony
What is the reasons for the way a character acts in the story? motives
What type of irony that takes the form of mock praise? sarcasm
What references to other events, works of art, or pieces of literature? allusion
What is a character's moral weakness? character flaw
What is one clue the the author gives that Casey may fail? He keeps missing the ball.
What is wrong with Spot's statement in "Being a Public Character" that "you have to act the way humans expect you to act"? You are suppose to be your own you, unique. Not what everyone else wants you to be, because sometime that isn't the right thing to be.
What types of conflict are found in "Three Visitors in the Night"? man vs. man, man vs. greater force/God
According to "The Fool's Prayer," what is the greatest similarity between the fool and the king? The admit they are both fools and that they repent.
Who tells the story in "The Soloist"? narrator, a fellow student
Humility could be defined as the quality of lowliness and modesty in responding to one's own abilities and worth. Explain how at least two characters in this unit exhibited this quality.
Give two examples of misplaced pride and the problems to which that prides leads.
Created by: samanthadietzler