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europeans & colonies

history in the 1700's

who was the leader of the wampanoag when the pilgrims came Massasoit
what tribe did the pilgrims meet when they came wampanoag
who was the first indian the pilgrims met Squanto
what female indian saved John Smith's life and later married John Rolph Pocohantas
what church did all the English people have to belong to The Church of England
where were most of the spanish colonies located Mexico, south California, the carribean, and Florida
where were most of the English colonies Almost the whole Northeast region
where were the French colonies in north michigan, north wisconsin, and south Canada
what church did Spain belong to the Roman Catholic Church
what where people like william Bradford called Seperatist and Puritans
where were the dutch colonies very close to New York
who was the overall ruler of the Roman Catholic Chuch The Pope
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