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Latin Midterms

Henle Latin year 1, midterms

Terra Terrae, first declension, feminine, earth/land
Porta Portae, first declension, feminine, gate
Maria Mariae, first declension, feminine, Mary
Nauta Nautae, first declension, masculine, sailor
Victoria Victoriae, first declension, feminine, victory
Silva Silvae, first declension, feminine, forest
Gloria Gloriae, first declension, feminine, fame/glory
non adverb, not
provincia provinciae, first declension, feminine, province
First Declension Endings A, ae, ae, am, ā. Ae, arum, is, as, is.
First Declension Gender Usually feminine
Servus Servi, second declension, masculine, slave/servant
Filius Filii, second declension, masculine, son
Deus Dei, second declension, masculine, God
Amicus Amici, second declension, masculine, friend
Christus Christi, second declension, masculine, Christ
Christianus Christiani, second declension, masculine, Christian
et conjunction, and
Second Declension Masculine endings Us, i, o, um, o. I, orum, is, os, is.
Bellum Belli, second declension, neuter, war
Caelum Caeli, second declension, neuter, sky/heaven
Regnum Regni, second declension, neuter, kingdom/royal power
Praemium Praemii, second declension, neuter, reward
Periculum Periculi, second declension, neuter, danger
Imperium Imperii, second declension, neuter, command/power/empire
Gladius Gladii, second declension, masculine, sword
sed conjunction, but
Oppidum Oppidi, second declension, neuter, town
Gallia Galliae, first declension, feminine, Gaul
Gallus Galli, second declension, masculine, a Gaul
Romanus Romani, second declension, masculine, a Roman,
Roma Romae, first declension, feminine, Rome
propter preposition with accusative, on account of
cum preposition with ablative, with
post preposition with accusitive, after/behind
in preposition with ablative, in/on
Second Declension Neuter endings Um, i, o, um, o. A, orum, is, a, is.
Paradign of sum Sum, es, est Sumus, estis, sunt
Quod conjunction, because
itaque conjunction, therefore/and so
incolunt third declension, they inhabit
vicerunt third declension, they conquered
Lex Legis, third declension, feminine(SOX), law
Rex Regis, third declension, masculine(gender), king
Dux Ducis, third declension, masculine(gender), leader
Lux Lucis, third declension, feminine(SOX), light
Homo Hominis, third declension, masculine(gender), man
imperator imperatoris, third declension, masculine(ERROR), commander in chief/general
veritas veritatis, third declension, feminine(SOX), truth
Caesar Caesaris, third declension, masculine(gender), Caesar
Salus Salutis, third declension, feminine(SOX), safety/welfare/salvation
Vox `Vocis, third declension, feminine(SOX), voice/cry
audivit Verb, he/she/it heard
Third Declension Endings(mas/fem) (x), is, i, em, e. Es, (i)um, ibus, es, ibus
Third Declension Neuter Endings (x), is, i, (x), e, A, um, ibus, a, ibus.
Third Declension Gender Rules Feminine(SOX) Masculine(ERROR) Neuter(LANCET)
Third Declension Genitive Plural rules Nouns whose stems end in two consonants. Nouns that have the same number of syllables in the nominative and genitive singular.
Fourth Declension Endings Us, ūs, ui, um, ū ūs, uum, ibus, ūs, ibus
Fourth Declension Genders All masculine
Fifth Declension endings (x), ei, ei, em, e es, erum, ebus, es, ebus
Fifth Declension gender rules all feminine
First and Second Declension Adjective Endings Masculine: Second declension masculine Feminine: First declension Neuter: Second declension masculine
Third Declension Adjective Endings(mas/fem) Is, is, i, em, i Es, ium, ibus, es, ibus
Third Declension Adjective Endings(neut) e, is, i, e, i ia, ium, ibus, ia, ibus
First person pronouns ego, mei, mihi, me, me nos, nostri/nostrum, nobis, nos, nobis
Second person pronouns tu, tui, tibi, te, te vos, vestri/vestrum, vobis, vos, vobis
Third person reflexive -, sui, sibi, se, se
Third person non-reflexive(mas) is, ejus, ei, eum, eo ei, eorum, eis, eos, eis
Third person non-reflexive(fem) ea, ejus, ei, eam, eā eae, earum, eis, eas, eis
Third person non-reflexive(neut) id, ejus, ei, id, eo ea, eorum, eis, ea, eis
Present Active Indicative(first declension) endings o, as, at amus, atis, ant
Present Active Indicative(second declension) endings eo, es, et emus, etis, ent
Imperfect Active Indicative(first person) endings abam, abas, abat abamus, abatis, abant
Imperfect Active Indicative(second person) endings ebam, ebas, ebat ebamus, ebatis, ebant
Future Active Indicative(first person) endings abo, abis, abit abimus, abitis, abunt
Future Active Indicative(second person) endings ebo, ebis, ebit ebimus, ebitus, ebunt
virtus virtutis, third declension, feminine(SOX), courage/virtue
miles militis, third declension, masculine(gender), soldier
pax pacis, third declension, feminine(SOX), peace
via viae, first declension, feminine, road/way
populus populi, second declension, masculine, people/nation
muniverunt third declension verb, they fortified/they constructed(w/viam or vias)
Pars partis, third declension, feminine(SOX), part
Collis collis, third declension, masculine(exc.)
Hostis Hostis, third declension, no gender, enemy(in war)
gens gentis, third declension, feminine, tribe
caedes caedis, third declension, feminine, slaughter
frater fratris, third declension, masculine, brother
pater patris, third declension, masculine, father
mater matris, third declension, feminine, mother
mons montis, third declension, masculine(exc.), mountain
clamor clamoris, third declension, masculine(ERROR), shouting/shout
princeps principis, third declension, masculine(gender), chief/leading man
occiderunt they killed
flumen fluminis, third declension, neuter, river
iter itineris, third declension, neuter, journey/march/route
corpus corporis, third declension, neuter, body
vulnus vulneris, third declension, neuter, wound
agmen agminis, third declension, neuter, column(of soldiers)/army(on the march)
nomen nominis, third declension, neuter, name
mundus mundi, second declension, masculine, world
erat he/she/it was
erant they were
adventus adventūs, fourth declension, masculine, arrival/coming
equitatus equitatūs, fourth declension, masculine, cavalry
exercitus exercitūs, fourth declension, masculine, army
impetus impetūs, fourth declension, masculine, attack
metus metūs, fourth declension, masculine, fear
spiritus spiritūs, fourth declension, masculine, breath/spirit
portus portūs, fourth declension, masculine, harbor
senatus senatūs, fourth declension, masculine, senate
in preposition with accusative(used with motion), in/into/against/upon/on
nunc adverb, now
autem conjunction(post-positive), however
fecerunt verb, they made
venit he/she/it came
venerunt they came
res rei, fifth declension, feminine, thing/affair
fides fidei, fifth declension, feminine, faith/reliability/faithfulness
acies aciei, fifth declension, feminine, battle line
spes spei, fifth declension, feminine, hope
posuerunt they put/they placed they placed(with castra)
castra castrorum, second declension, neuter, camp
impedimenta impedimentorum, second declension, neuter, baggage/baggage train
gratia gratiae, first declension(singular only), feminine, favor/influence/grace
gratiae gratiarum, first declension(plural only), feminine, thanks
copia copiae, first declension(singular only), feminine, supply/abundance
copiae copiarum, first declension(plural only), feminine, troops/forces
agunt they give(with gratias)
magnus a, um, adjective, great/large
altus a, um, adjective, high/deep
bonus a, um, adjective, good
longus a, um, adjective, long
malus a, um, adjective, bad
multus a, um, adjective, much/many
sanctus a, um, adjective, holy/saint
primus a, um, adjective, first
angustus a, um, adjective, narrow
reliquus a, um, adjective, remaining/the rest of
tutus a, um, adjective, safe
Romanus a, um, adjective, Roman
Christianus a, um, adjective, Christian
pro preposition with ablative, in front of(before)/on behalf of(for)
inopia inopiae, first declension, feminine, scarcity/want
dominus domini, second declension, masculine, master/Lord
murus muri, second declension, masculine, wall
frumentum frumenti, second declension, neuter, grain/crops
legio legionis, third declension, feminine(SOX), legion
gravis grave, adjective(3rd dec.), heavy/severe/serious
brevis breve, adjective(3rd dec.), short
communis commune, adjective(3rd dec.), common
difficilis difficile, adjective(3rd dec.), difficult
facilis facile, adjective(3rd dec.), easy
fortis forte, adjective(3rd dec.), brave/strong
nobilis nobile, adjective(3rd dec.), noble/renowned
omnis omne, adjective(3rd dec.), all/every
cupidus a, um, adjective, with genitive, eager/desirous
plenus a, um, adjective, with genitive or ablative, full
finitimus a, um, adjective, with dative, neighboring/next
similis simile, adjective(3rd dec.), with genitive or dative, like/similar
Jesus Jesu, adjective(3rd dec.), Jesus
declension of Jesus us, u, u, um, u both...and
quid what?
prima luce at dawn
urbs urbis, third declension, feminine, city
pons pontis, third declension, masculine(exc.), bridge
signum signi, second declension, masculine, standard/signal/sign
eques equitis, third declension, feminine, horseman/cavalry
nunc adverb, now
laudo laudo, laudare, laudavi, laudatus 1st conjugation, transitive praise
occupo occupo, occupare, occupavi, occupatus 1st conjugation, transitive seize
oppugno oppugno, oppugnare, oppugnavi, oppugnatus 1st conjugation, transitive attack/assault
oro oro, orare, oravi, oratus 1st conjugation, transitive beg/pray
paro paro, parare, paravi, paratus 1st conjugation, transitive prepare/get ready
pugno pugno, pugnare, pugnavi, pugnatus first declension, intransitive fight
supero supero, superare, superavi, superatus first declension, transitive overcome/conquer/surpass
porto porto, portare, portavi, portatus first declension, transitive carry
centurio centurionis, third declension, masculine(gender), a centurion
numerus numeri, second declension, masculine, number
Do Do, dare, dedi, datus 1st conjugation, transitive give
voco voco, vocare, vocavi, vocatus 1st conjugation, transitive call
interim adverb, meanwhile
mors mortis, third declension, feminine(SOX), death
hiberna hibernorum, second declension(plural only), neuter, winter quarters
Ubi adverb, where?
quis pronoun, who?
quid pronoun, what?
cur adverb, why?
locus loci, second declension, masculine(plural is neuter), place
alienus a, um, adjective, unfavorable/another's/foreign
oratio orationis, third declension, feminine(SOX), speech/prayer
semper adverb, always
sicut conjunction, as
in principio in the beginning
in saecula saeculorum world without end/forever
-ne used in questions
moneo moneo, monēre, monui, monitus Second conjugation, transitive warn/advise
timeo timeo, timēre, timui second conjugation, transitive fear
terreo terreo, terrēre, terrui, territus second conjugation, transitive terrify
habeo habeo, habēre, habui, habitus second conjugation, transitive have
arma armorum, second declension(plur. only), neuter, arms
saepe adverb, often
teneo teneo, tenēre, tenui, tentus second conjugation, transitive hold
moveo moveo, movēre, movi, motus second conjugation, transitive move
tamen adverb, nevertheless
neque conjugation, nor/and...not
sustineo sustineo, sustinēre, sustinui, sustentus second conjugation, transitive sustain/withstand
fines finium, third declension, masculine(exc.), territory
etiam adverb, also
enim conjunction, post-positive, for
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