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Latin Vocab (Part 2)

1000 Essential Latin Words (Part 2)

abeo, abire, abii, abitum to go away, depart
absum, abesse, afui, afuturus to be away, be absent
accedo, accedere, accessi, accessum to approach
accido, accidere, accidi, -- to fall down, happen
acies, aciei, f. sharp edge, keenness; battle line
addo, addere, addidi, additum to add
adeo, adire, adii, aditum to approach
adhuc until now
adicio, adicere, adieci, adiectum to throw (at); to add
adsum, adesse, adfui, adfuturus to be near, be present
adverto, advertere, adverti, adversum to turn towards
aedes, aedis, f. building, temple
aequus, aequa, aequum equal, even
aetas, aetatis, f. time, age, period of life
affero, afferre, attuli, allatum to bring (along); to report
agmen, agminis, n. crowd; an army (on the march)
alias at another time
alienus, aliena, alienum belonging to another, foreign, strange
aliqua in some way
aliter in another way, otherwise
alo, alere, alui, altum to nourish, support
amicus, amici, m. (male) friend
amicus, amica, amicum friendly
amitto, amittere, amisi, amissum to let go; to lose
amor, amoris, m. love
amplus, ampla, amplum ample, spacious
anima, animae, f. soul, spirit
animo, animare, animavi, animatus to give life to, animate
aperio, aperire, aperui, apertum to open; to reveal
aptus, apta, aptum fit, suitable
arbitror, arbitrari, arbitratus sum to think, consider; to judge
arbor, arboris, f. tree
argentum, argenti, n. silver; money
arma, armorum, n. arms, weapons
armo, armare, armavi, armatum to arm, equip
ars, artis, f. art, skill
auctor, auctoris, m. author, originator
auctoritas, auctoritatis, f. authority, influence
audeo, audere, ausus sum to dare
aufero, auferre, abstuli, ablatum to carry away, remove
augeo, augere, auxi, auctum to increase
auris, auris, f. ear
aurum, auri, n. gold
beneficium, beneficii, n. kindness; favor
cado, cadere, cecidi, casum to fall
caedo, caedere, cecidi, caesum to cut; to strike; to kill
caelum, caeli, n. sky, heaven
campus, campi, m. plain, field
caput, capitis, n. head
carmen, carminis, n. song, poem
castrum, castri, n. fort; camp (plural)
cedo, cedere, cessi, cessum to go; to yield (to)
censeo, censere, censui, censum to have an opinion; to recommend; to estimate
cerno, cernere, crevi, cretum to distinguish, discern
ceteri, ceterae, cetera the remaining, the rest
cieo, ciere, civi, citum to stir up, excite
circa around (+acc.)
civis, civis, m. or f. citizen
clarus, clara, clarum clear, bright; famous, illustrious
classis, classis, f. a class; fleet
coepi, coepisse, coeptum to have begun
cogito, cogitare, cogitavi, cogitatum to think, consider
cognosco, cognoscere, cognovi, cognitum to learn; to know (in the perfect)
cogo, cogere, coegi, coactum to drive (together); to force, compel
colo, colere, colui, cultum to cultivate
committo, commitere, commisi, commissum to entrust; to commit
concedo, concedere, concessi, concessum to yield, concede
condicio, condicionis, f. condition, agreement
confero, conferre, contuli, collatum to bring together; to compare
consilium, consilii, n. plan; advise; judgment
constituo, constituere, constitui, constitutum to establish, to decide
consto, constare, constiti, constatum to consist; to stand together
consulo, consulere, consului, consultum to consult; to look after (+dat.)
contineo, continere, continui, contentum to hold together, to keep; to enclose
convenio, convenire, conveni, conventum to come together, assemble; to agree
copia, copiae, f. abundance; troops (plural)
crimen, criminis, n. accusation, charge; crime
cunctus, cuncta, cunctum all, the whole
cupio, cupere, cupivi, cupitum to desire, wish for
cura, curae, f. care, concern
curo, curare, curavi, curatum to care for; to cure
curro, currere, cucurri, cursum to run
damno, damnare, damnavi, damnatum to condemn
decem ten
decerno, decernere, decrevi, decretum to decide, settle; to decree
deduco, deducere, deduxi, deductum to lead away; to subtract
defendo, defendere, defendI, defensum to defend, protect
defero, deferre, detuli, delatum to carry down; to report
denique at last, finally
desum, deesse, defui, defuturus to be lacking; to fail (+dat.)
dictum, dicti, n. word; speech
dignitas, dignitatis, f. merit, worth
dignus, digna, dignum worthy, worthy of (+abl.)
diligo, diligere, dilexi, dilectum to esteem highly
dimitto, dimittere, dimisi, dimissum to send away
discolor, discoloris of different colors; different
dius, dia, dium divine
divus, diva, divum divine; god (substantive)
doceo, docere, docui, doctum to teach
dolor, doloris, m. pain, grief
dono, donare, donavi, donatum to give, bestow
dubito, dubitare, dubitavi, dubitatum to doubt
dubius, dubia, dubium doubtful
dux, ducis, m. leader, general
edico, edicere, edixi, edictum to announce; to decree
efficio, efficere, effeci, effectum to cause, bring about
epistula, epistulae, f. letter
eques, equitis, m. knight, horseman
equus, equi, m. horse
etsi even if, although
excipio, excipere, excepi, exceptum to except, receive
exemplum, exempli, n. example, model
exeo, exire, exii, exitum to go out, exit
exerceo, exercere, exercui, exercitum to train
exercitus, exercitus, m. army
exigo, exigere, exegi, exactum to drive out
existimo, existimare, existimavi, existimatum to judge, consider
facies, faciei, f. appearance
facilis, facile easy; agreeable
factum, facti, n. deed, act
fallo, fallere, fefelli, falsum to mislead
fama, famae, f. reputation; rumor
familia, familiae, f. family
femina, feminae, f. woman
ferrum, ferri, n. iron; sword
ferus, fera, ferum wild; a wild animal (substantive)
fides, fidei, f. faith, trust
filia, filiae, f. daughter
finis, finis, m. end, limit, boundary
flumen, fluminis, n. river
for, fari, fatus sum to speak, say
fors, fortis, f. chance, luck
fortasse perhaps
fortis, forte strong, brave
fortuna, fortunae, f. luck, fortune
fruor, frui, fructus sum to enjoy, profit by (+abl.)
fugio, fugere, fugi, fugiturus to flee; to avoid
fundo, fundare, fundavi, fundatum to establish
fundo, fundere, fudi, fusum to pour (out); to spread out
gener, generi, m. son-in-law
genu, genus, n. knee
gloria, gloriae, f. glory, fame
gratia, gratiae, f.; gratias agere gratitude, favor; to give thanks
gratus, grata, gratum pleasing; grateful
gravis, grave heavy; important
haud not at all
hereditas, hereditatis, f. inheritance
hodie today
honor, honoris, m. honor; public office
iaceo, iacere, iacui, iacitum to lie (flat)
ignis, ignis, m. fire
imperator, imperatoris, m. general; emperor
imperium, imperii, n. power, authority, command
impero, imperare, imperavi, imperatum to order (+dat.)
impetus, impetus, m. an attack
incipio, incipere, incepi, inceptum to begin
infero, inferre, intuli, illatum to carry into; to inflict
ingenium, ingenii, n. talent, nature, ability
ingens, ingentis huge
inimicus, inimici, m. (personal) enemy
instituo, instituere, institui, institutum to establish
intersum, interesse, interfui, interfuturus to be between, be present; it concerns (impersonal)
intro, intrare, intravi, intratum to enter
invenio, invenire, inveni, inventum to find; to discover
ira, irae, f. anger, wrath
item also, likewise
iter, itineris, n. journey
iterum again
iudex, iudicis, m. judge
iudico, iudicare, iudicavi, iudicatum to judge, consider
iungo, iungere, iunxi, iunctum to join
iuvenis, iuvenis, m. or f. a youth
labor, laboris, m. labor, work
latus, lateris, n. side; flank
laudo, laudare, laudavi, laudatum to praise
laus, laudis, f. praise
legatus, legati, m. ambassador
legio, legionis, f. legion
levis, leve light, swift
libero, liberare, liberavi, liberatum to free
libertas, libertatis, f. freedom, liberty
libertus, liberti, m. a freedman
libet, libere, libuit it is pleasing
liceo, licere, licui, licitum to be on sale, be valued at
liceor, liceri, licitus sum to bid
licet although (+subj.)
licet, licere, licuit it is allowed
litus, litoris, n. shore
magis more, rather
malo, malle, malui, -- to prefer
mando, mandare, mandavi, mandatum to hand over; to entrust; to command
maneo, manere, mansi, mansum to remain
mare, maris, n. sea
maximus, maxima, maximum greatest
medius, media, medium middle
mens, mentis, f. mind
metus, metus, m. fear
milito, militare, militavi, militatum to serve as a soldier
mille (indeclinable) thousand
misceo, miscere, miscui, mixtum to mix, stir
miser, misera, miserum wretched, sad
mons, montis, m. mountain
morior, mori, mortuus sum to die, perish
mos, moris, m. custom, habit
mox soon
multitudo, multitudinis, f. a large number; a crowd
multo by much, by far
multum much (adverb)
munus, muneris, n. office, duty, service
murus, muri, m. wall
muto, mutare, mutavi, mutatum to change
nascor, nasci, natus sum to be born; to rise
natus, nata, natum born
navis, navis, f. ship
necesse (indeclinable) necessary, inevitable
nego, negare, negavi, negatum to deny
negotium, negotii, n. business, occupation
nescio, nescire, nescivi, nescitum to not know, be ignorant
nimis too much
nobilis, nobile known, of noble birth
noceo, nocere, nocui, nocitum to harm, do harm to (+dat.)
nolo, nolle, nolui, -- to not wish, be unwilling
nomino, nominare, nominavi, nominatum to name
nosco, noscere, novi, notum to learn; to know (in perfect)
novus, nova, novum new; strange
numen, numinis, n. divine spirit
numero, numerare, numeravi, numeratum to count
numerus, numeri, m. number
nuntio, nuntiare, nuntiavi, nuntiatum to announce, report
occido, occidere, occidi, occisum to kill, cut down
officium, officii, n. duty, service
opera, operae, f. work, pains
oportet, oportere, oportuit, -- it is proper, necessary, right
oppidum, oppidii, n. town
ops, opis, f. help; wealth, resources (in plural)
oratio, orationis, f. speech
ordo, ordinis, m. rank, order
orior, oriri, ortus sum to rise; to be born
oro, orare, oravi, oratum to beg, pray
os, oris, n. face; mouth
ostendo, ostendere, ostendi, ostentum to show
par, paris equal, like
pareo, parere, parui, paritum to obey, be obedient to (+dat.)
paro, parare, paravi, paratum to prepare; to obtain
patior, pati, passus sum to suffer, experience; to allow
patrius, patria, patrium of a father, native
patro, patrare, patravi, patratum to accomplish
paulus, paula, paulum little, small
pax, pacis, f. peace
pectus, pectoris, n. breast, heart
pecus, pecoris, n. flock
perdo, perdere, perdidi, perditum to destroy; to lose
pereo, perire, perii, peritum to perish
periculum, periculi, n. danger
pertineo, pertinee, pertinui, pertentum to pertain to, relate to
pervenio, pervenire, perveni, perventum to arrive at, reach
placeo, placere, placui, placitum to please, be pleasing to (+dat.); it is pleasing (impersonal)
plebs, plebis, f. the common people, plebeians
plenus, plena, plenum full
poena, poenae, f; poenas dare punishment, penalty; to pay the penalty
possessio, possessionis, f. possession, property
posterus, postera, posterum following, next
postulo, postulare, postulavi, postulatum to demand; to claim
potestas, potestatis, f. power
poto, potare, potavi, potatum to drink
prae in front of, before (+abl.)
praecipio, praecipere, praecepi, praeceptum to receive in advance
praeda, praedae, f. spoils of war, plunder
praesens, praesentis present
praesidium, praesidii, n. protection; guard
praesto, praestare, praestiti, praestatum to excel (+dat.); to offer
praeter besides, except, beyond (+acc.)
praetor, praetoris, m. leader, magistrate
premo, premere, pressi, pressum to press
pretium, pretii, n. price, reward
princeps, principis first, foremost; leader (substantive)
probo, probare, probavi, probatum to approve; to test
procul far, at a distance
proelium, proelii, n. battle
prohibeo, prohibere, prohibui, prohibitum to prevent, hinder
promitto, promittere, promisi, promissum to send forth; to promise
provincia, provinciae, f. sphere of duty, province
publicus, publica, publicum public, belonging to the people
puer, pueri, m. boy
pugna, pugnae, f. fight, battle
pugno, pugnare, pugnavi, pugnatum to fight
quando when
quantum as much as
quattuor (indeclinable) four
quicumque, quaecumque, quodcumque whoever, whatever
quintus (indeclinable) five
quivis, quaevis, quidvis whoever you will, whatever you will; anyone, anything
rapio, rapere, rapui, raptum to seize, snatch, carry away
recipio, recipere, recepi, receptum to take back; to accept
regio, regionis, f. region, boundary
regnum, regni, n. kingdom, rule
rego, regere, rexi, rectum to rule
reliquus, reliqua, reliquum remaining, rest
reperio, reperire, repperi, repertum to discover
restituo, restituere, restitui, restitutum to restore
retineo, retinere, retinui, retentum to hold back, restrain
reverto, revertere, reverti to turn back, return
rogo, rogare, rogavi, rogatum to ask
rursus back; again; in return
sacer, sacra, sacrum sacred, holy
salus, salutis, f. health, safety
sanguis, sanguinis, m. blood
sanus, sana, sanum sound, healthy, sane
sapio, sapere, sapivi, -- to be wise; to have good taste
sata, satorum, n. crops
scelus, sceleris, n. crime, sin, evil deed
scilicet certainly, evidently
secundus, secunda, secundum second
senex, senis old; old man
sententia, sententiae, f. thought, opinion
sentio, sentire, sensi, sensum to feel, perceive
sermo, sermonis, m. conversation, discourse
servio, servire, servivi, servitum to be a slave to (+dat.)
servo, servare, servavi, servatum to preserve, save
significo, significare, significavi, significatum to indicate, show
signo, signare, signavi, signatum to mark, inscribe
signum, signi, n. sign, signal; a standard
silva, silvae, f. forest
similis, simile like, resembling
simul at the same time
sino, sinere, sivi, situm to leave alone, allow
sinus, sinus, m. fold, bosom
socius, socii, m. companion, ally
sol, solis, m. sun
soleo, solere, solitus sum to be accustomed
solo, solare, solavi, solatum to make solitary
solum only
solvo, solvere, solvi, solutum to loosen
soror, sororis, f. sister
species, speciei, f. sight, form, image
specto, spectare, spectavi, spectatum to look at
spero, sperare, speravi, speratum to hope (for)
spes, spei, f. hope
spiritus, spiritus, m. breath; spirit, soul
statim immediately
statuo, statuere, statui, statutum to cause to stand, set up
studium, studii, n. eagerness, study
subeo, subire, subii, subitum to go under; to endure
summus, summa, summum highest
sumo, sumere, sumpsi, sumptum to take; to assume
sus, suis, m. or f. pig, hog
suscipio, suscipere, suscepi, susceptum to undertake
sustineo, sustinere, sustinui, sustentum to hold up, sustain
tabula, tabulae, f. tablet
taceo, tacere, tacui, tacitum to be silent
tamquam as if
tectum, tecti, n. roof, shelter
tego, tegere, texi, tectum to cover, shelter
templum, templi, n. temple
tertius, tertia, tertium third
testamentum, testamenti, n. testament
timeo, timere, timui, -- to fear, be afraid
tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatum to lift up; to remove
trado, tradere, tradidi, traditum to give over, surrender
traho, trahere, traxi, tractum to drag, pull
transeo, transire, transii, transitum to go across, cross
tres, tria three
tribunus, tribuni, m. tribune
tristis, triste sad, sorrowful
tueor, tueri, tuitus sum to protect, guard
turba, turbae, f. crowd
turbo, turbare, turbavi, turbatum to disturb, to throw into confusion
ulter, ultra, ultrum; ulterius; ultima --; farther; farthest, last, final
usus, usus, m. experience, use
uxor, uxoris, f. wife
valeo, valere, valui, valitum to be well; to have strength
validus, valida, validum strong, powerful
velut as if
vendo, vendere, vendidi, venditum to sell
verto, vertere, verti, versum to turn
veto, vetare, vetui, vetitum to forbid, prohibit
vetus, veteris old
via, viae, f. road, way, street
victor, victoris, m. victor
victoria, victoriae, f. victory
vinco, vincere, vici, victum to conquer
vinum, vini, n. wine
virgo, virginis, f. maiden, virgin
virus, viri, n. poison
vitium, vitii, n. fault, vice, crime
vito, vitare, vitavi, vitatum to avoid
voluntas, voluntatis, f. will, wish
voluptas, voluptatis, f. pleasure
volvo, volvere, volvi, volutum to roll; to cause to roll
vox, vocis, f. voice
vulnus, vulneris, n. wound
vultus, vultus, m. countenance, face
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