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Latin/Greek Roots

Latin/Green Roots and Bases - List 1 through 4

phon sound
plic fold, bend
reg straight, direct, to lead
sol 1. sun / 2. alone
somnus sleep
spec see, look
soph wise
sub under, below
script, scrib write
scop look, see
sequ follow
tele far away
tract draw, pull
terre earth, land
theos God, religion
thesis put, place
terminus end
vac empty
vid see
voc, vok call
viv life
vol will
volv roll
vert turn
ven come
mal bad
mono one
magnus large
mater mother
micro small
macro large
mania madness
meter measure
mov, mob, mot move
mit, mis send
nihil nothing
neo new
nom name
omni all
ortho straight
path feel
pel push, drive
pend hand, pay out
phil love
poly many
pre before
pro for
ped child, foot
pater father
phobia fear
extro outward
extra beyond
eu good
equi equal
fratri brother
flect, flex bend
facile easy
fid faith
fall error
fact do
grad, gres go, step
gram, graph write
geo earth
helio sun
hetero different
homo same
logos study
ject throw
jur, jus, jud swear, law
leth deadly
leg law
lect, leg choose, read
mor, mort die
mars war
morph shape
arch leader, ruler
ambul walk, move
agon struggle
astro star
alter, allos other
auto self
anthrop man
bene good, well
bell war
chron time
con with
cide cut, kill
circum around
cept take, sieze
cede, ceed, cess go, yield
cern, cert perceive
clam call out
cred believe
capit head
cog know
cur, course run
crat rule
dic say, speak
dol grief
duc lead
Created by: camo
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