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american revolution

The Declaration of Independence declared the colonists-------from-------. free and Great Britian
A------- is a colonist who is loyal to the king. loyalists
A-------- 1s a colonist against British rule who wanted to form a independent country. patriot
Why is July 4th also known as independent day? Because that is the day the patriots wrote the Declaration of Independence.
------- ------- won the first Battle of Charles Town. The Patriots
The British returned to Charles town three years later and captured the city by ------- it. blockading or surrounding
The British traveled to the backcountry and fought the Battle of Kings Mountain. During this battle the British tried to -------,but the Patriot's ignored there request and won the battle. surrender
Andrew Pickens led the American militia in the battle of -------. cowpens
During the Battle of Cowpens the American Militia------- the British by pretending they were going to retreat but instead led them into The Continental Army. tricked
Thomas Sumter also known as the ------- was famous for his surprise attacks on the British. gamecock
The Revolutionary War hero learned to fight from the Cherokee Indians was ------- Andrew Pickens
Francis Marion, also known as the ------- was famous for his surprise attacks and then disappearing into the swamps. Swamp Fox
Andrew Pickens, also known as the -------, was famous for his victory at the Battle of Cowpens. Wizard Owl
This battle is known as the "turning point" of the war: Battle of Kings Mountain
Who was better trained, had nicer uniforms and weapons? British
------- was the leader of the Continental Army. George Washington
------ is a fighting technique where you sneak up on the enemy, attack and then disappear. Partisan Warfare
Created by: Hannah Driggers