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Wuthering Heights #2

AP Vocabulary #31-50

an inference or conclusion drawn or deduced by surmise or guesswork conjecture
extremely apologetic, remorseful, repentant contrite
abundant copious
confirmation corroboration
reliable and believable credible
deserving blame; guilty culpable
to intimidate, to dismay daunt
appropriate conduct, correct and proper behavior decorum
to disapprove regretfully, to belittle, to express mild disapproval deprecate
deserted, without inhabitants, barren desolate
depression, dejection despondency
delaying, slow dilatory
loud and discordant noises, cacophony din
to differentiate between two or more things discern
intense dislik; to treat with scorn or contempt, to reject as unworthy disdain
occurring during the day or daily diurnal
extremem happiness ecstasy
very happy about something; having elated spirits elated
to decorate, to make beautiful with ornamentation embellish
to try to equial or to be like (usually throught imitation) emulate
Created by: Mrs. Munson