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Wuthering Heights

AP Vocabulary #1-30

bottomless hole, a vast expanse or depth abyss
to give in, to comply acquiesce
skillful, adept adroit
prompt and cheerful response alacrity
apart, indifferent aloof
friendly, socialble, and congenial; civil and urbane amiable
a dislike, distaste, or enmity antipathy
a lack of concern or feeling, indifference apathy
expressing strong feeling, impassioned, zealous ardent
to move upward, to rise from a lower station ascend
marked by careful and unremitting attention, constant in application assiduous
excessive boldness, rashness, daring audacity
strict, stern; unadorned, ascetic austere
a creature acting in a mechanical way with no idication of intelligence automaton
greed for wealth avarice
strong disinclination, disliking aversion
to deceive, to mislead, to persuade with charm beguile
to contradict, to give a false impression belie
kindness, generosity, charity benevolence
to grant or to give bestow
capable of floating; cheerful buoyant
a serious event causing distress or misfortune calamity
changing suddenly, fickle capricious
to discipline, to use punishment to correct behavior chasten
innocent, wholesome, angelic cherubic
loud noise or shouting clamor
the state of being self-satisfied complacency
a yielding; acquiescence compliance
a large fire conflagration
a coming together confluence
Created by: Mrs. Munson



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