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Nematodes are.... Roundworms
Cestodes are... Flatworms
Trematodes are... Flukes
Nematode larvae that penetrate skin, through foot -3 worms- Hookworm Strongylodies stercoralis Ascaris lmbricoides
One worm larvea that is ingested of muscle in pork meat Trichinella spiralis
Larvae forms that travel through the tissue and into the lung at some stage in their life cycle -3 worms- Ascaris lumbricoides Nector americanus Strongyloides stercoralis
Strongyloides stercoralis COMMON NAME Threadworm
Nector americanus and Ancylostoma duodenale COMMON NAME Hookworm
Enterobius vermicularis COMMON NAME Pinworm
Ascaris lumbricoides COMMON NAME Roundworm
Trichuris trichiura COMMON NAME Whip worm
Wuchererua bancrofti Transmission Bite of a mosquito
Brugia malayi causes.. Malayan filariasis and Elephantiasis
Loa Loa Transmission and common name Tabanid fly Eye worm
Onchorcerca vovulus common name of infection River blindness
Diphyllobothrium latum common name Fish tapeworm
Hymenolepsis nana common name Dwarf tapeworm
Hymenolepsis diminuta common name Rat tapeworm
T. solium common name Pork tapeworm
T.saginata common name Beef tapeworm
Echinococcus granulosus causes what disease? Hydatid cyst disease
Trematodes infective stage for humans... Metacercariae
Fasciola hepatica hosts sheep cattle goats horses humans
Fasciola hepatica common name Sheep liver fluke
Clonorchis sinensis common name Oriental(chinese) Liver fluke
Paragonimus westermani common name Lung fluke or Oriental lung fluke
Created by: Sdevries0982