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GB Points 1-44

GB Points

GB Functions Stores/Excretes bile; governs courage, judgement, decision making; provides qi for maintenance of sinews
GB 1 Benefits eyes (esp d/t LV problems)-h/a behind eyes or temporal, red, irritated, itchy eyes; breast pain
GB 2 Benefits ears, eliminates wind/clear heat; mumps/parotitis, toothache
GB 3 [rarely used] Benefits ears, eliminates wind
GB 4 Relax jaw (teeth grinding/jaw clenching) w/ LI 4, LV 3, ST 6
GB 5 Treats speech/movement difficulties (Broca's area)
GB 6 Treats speech difficulties
GB 7 Benefits jaw and mouth (parotitis)
GB 8 Harmonizes diaphragm and stomach-alleviate vomiting; Treats alcohol intoxication/addictions (amnesia/black out)
GB 1-8 Eliminate wind, local headache
GB 9 ~Window of the Sky Point: Subdues rising qi (panic/running piglet); Clears GB channel heat; Calms spasms; Treats understanding of speech/movement (Wernicke's area)
GB 10 [rarely used] Treat weakness of legs-ability to walk
GB 11 Benefits sense organs (esp hearing and excluding smell)
GB 12 Calms spirit/Insomnia (d/t proximity to Reticular activating system-wake/sleep transition)
GB 13 Gathers essence to head (psychoemotional d/o-paranoid schizophrenia); Calm mind/relieve anxiety; Eliminates wind/resolves phlegm/epilepsy
GB 14 Benefits head (frontal sinus problem, foreheadache); Benefits eyes (twitching, itching, deviation, lacrimation, drooping); food allergies/digestive issues
GB 15 Benefits nose and eyes (sinus headaches, nasal congestion); Mania/bipolar
GB 16 [rarely used] Benefits eyes (cataracts); Arthritis (hands/thumbs)
GB 17 Pacifies ST (nausea d/t neurological etiology)
GB 18 Benefits head and nose/descends LU qi
GB 19 [rarely used] Benefits head and sense organs (deafness/tinnitis, nasal congestion/bleeds, blurry vision)
GB 20 [Caution: spinal cord/brain stem] BEST for Dz of head, eyes, brain (Eliminates internal/external wind), Subdues LV Yang/Fire (HTN), Relieve tension of trapezius
GB 21 [CI Pregnancy, but helps delivery; Caution: Pneumothorax] BEST to relax Trapezius w/ SJ 15; Regulate strong qi descending action); Benefit breasts/promote lactation
GB 22 [rarely used; Caution: Pt] Regulate qi/unbinds chest; Benefits axilla
GB 23 [Caution: Pt] Unbinds chest/lowers rebellion (help w/ excessive anger, frustration or resentment affecting free flow of LV)
GB 24 Front Mu of GB: Benefits GB; Spreads LV qi; PSE: Harmonizes opposites (only black or white)
GB 25 Front Mu of KD: Tonifies KD/regulates water passages; Fortifies SP/regulates intestines (cock crow diarrhea/distention/borborygmus); Strengthens Lumbar Region
GB 26 Meeting of GB with Dai Mai, Regulates Dai Mai and menstruation stopping dampness and leucorrhea (*Female Disorders)
GB 27 Meeting of GB w/ Dai Mai; Regulates Dai Mai (Abdominal pain d/t retraction of testicles-*Male Disorders)
GB 28 Meeting of GB w/ Dai Mai; Regulates Dai Mai and lower jiao to transform stagnation
GB 29 Meeting of GB w/ Yang Motility vessel (Yang Qiao Mai) Benefits anterior hip/thigh pain radiating to groin; Contralateral shoulder joint
GB 30 Meeting point of GB and UB; Benefits posterior hi joint and leg, Treat sciatica (Bi Syndrome), Dispels wind damp (rheumatism, arthritis)
GB 31 Eliminates wind (Bi syndrome-wind in knee), Alleviates itching (skin issues d/t wind heat)
GB 32 Expels wind/damp/cold (osteoarthritis)
GB 33 Barrier Pt (Yang entering)/Relax sinews to benefit knee joint/Dispel COLD damp
GB 34 He Sea (Earth), Master point for sinews; as part of female 4 gates. *Clear GB problems (stone/jaundice), by redistribute/spreading LV Qi;Harmonizes Shao Yang (stress h/a, or malaria)
GB 35 Xi Cleft Point of Yin Wei Mai: Meeting of 3 Foot Yang Meridians
GB 36 Xi Cleft (GB h/a); Clear heat and detoxify poison w/ moxa (rabies)
GB 37 Luo-connecting; Benefit eyes; conduct fire downward, increase flow to the feet, Dispel wind damp
GB 38 Jing River (Fire) Clears GB Heat (temporal headaches)
GB 39 Command Pt for the Marrow; increases production of RBCs (w/ UB 43, LI 16); Benefits Sinews and bones
GB 40 Yuan Source; Spread LV Qi
GB 41 Shu Stream (Wood), Confluent point of Dai Mai (Female-Benefit breasts, lateral costal region, menses, menstrual headache); LV Qi spread downward
GB 42 [rarely used] Spreads LV Qi and clears GB Heat
GB 43 Ying Spring (Water) Clears heat (head, eyes, ears) reduces swelling
GB 44 Jing Well (Metal); Clear heat and benefit head (migraines, cluster h/a), insomnia
Created by: phdinh33