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a reference to another work of literature in history allusion
ex: As phaethon would whip you to west ; Prince of Cats allusion
A figure of speech that combines contradictory terms oxymoron
ex: Beautiful tyrant oxymoron
Giving human qualities to non-human objects Personification
Person, place, or thing that stands for another Symbol
ex: love-performing night personification
ex: rope ladder symbol
a speech where a character is alone on stage sililoquy
a long, interrupted speech in front of other characters monologue
short remark made to the audience while other characters are on stage, usually in an undertone aside
In the begenning of the act, why does benvolio think that there will be a fight? bc it is a hot day and everyone is aggrivated
What does Mercutio blame Benvolio of right before the fight scene? Also being short tempered
When tybalt and mercutio begin fighting, what does benvolio want them to do? talk in a private place
Why does Mercutio repeat "a plague on both your houses" in other words, he's saying that hes mad bc THEIR fighting caused HIM to die
Why does Romeo call himself "Fortune's fool?" bc he was played by fate
How does shakespeare use the rope ladder as an ironic symbol? the rope was the means by which their marriage was going to be consumated. It was the transition from being alone to being married, but shakespeare soon changes its meaning to something about death, which forshadows a tradegy.
Cite three "blessings" for which romeo should be grateful For juliet, For a lighter sentence, and bc Tybalt could have killed him.
How are the references to light and darkness used ironically? because for them, the lighter it gets, the darker their emotions get. But in reality, the lighter it gets, the better things get.
Cite two incidents where either Romeo or Juliet mentions a willingness to die if they are seperated. When romeo is banished ; When juliet thinks romeo's dead.
Describe Romeo in this act. He is a peacemaker, he is starting to grow up, but he is still emotional.
When does Romeo start to be realistic? When he bids Juliet farewell.
Describe Juliet in this act. She is impulsive, and she's not thinking clearly.
Describe Mercutio in this act. He shows his fiery side.
Describe the Nurse in this act. She is dramatic when she tells of Tybalt's death; but she is stern when she meets Romeo. And she doesnt' understand true love.
Rephrase: "My blood for your rude brawls doth lie a bleeding, but ill amerce you with so strong a fine" Bc of your fight, my kinsman lies dead. Ill punish you with such a strong fine that you will regret it.
Created by: brittney143