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Best point to relax the trapezius (and or SJ15); regulates qi (strong qi descending action) benefits the breats, promotes lactation **C/I in pregnancy** GB21
Helps with excessive anger, frustration, or resentment affecting free flow of the liver GB23
Front mu of the GB GB24
Front mu of the KD GB25
Better point for female disorders: regulates menstruation and stops leucorrhea GB26
Better point for male disorders: retraction of the testicles GB27
Benefits the hip joint: hip pain radiating to the groin and shoulder pain GB29
Benefits the hip joint and leg: problems of hip and butt: Bi syndrome - very good for sciatica, Dispels wind damp Alleviates itching: helps skin issues d/t wind heat (itchy, rapid onset, pair with Sj6)
Relaxes the sinews and benefits the knee joint GB33
He sea, earth, master point for sinews, benefits sinews and joints, spreads liver qi, part of teh female 4 gates, major point to clear GB problems (stone or jaundice) GB34
Xi cleft of the yang wei mai GB35
Xi cleft; clears heat and detoxifies poisons GB36
Luo connecting, benefits the eyes, conducts fire downward and increases flow to the feet; dispels wind damp GB37
Jing river, fire point GB38
Command point for the marrow; increases RBC production GB39
Yuan source point; spreads liver qi GB40
Shu stream, wood, confluent point of dai mai, benefits the chest, lateral costal region, breasts, menses, menstrual headache GB41
Ying spring, water point of the GB challen GB43
Jing well, metal point, clears heat and benefits the head: migraines, cluster headaches GB44
Created by: Krys2287