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Access Vocab

What contains all of the raw data within the database in a spreadsheet-like view? Table
Allows you to select a subset of fields or records from one or more tables. Query
Provides an easy-to-use data entry screen. Form
Provides a professional printout of data that can contain enhancements such as headers, footers, graphics, and calculations on groups of records. Report
what's a sample database provided within the microsoft access program? Template
What's a specific piece or category of data such as a first name, last name, city, state, or phone number? Field
A group of related fields that describes a person, place, thing or transaction such as a customer, location, product, or sale. Record
What's a field that contains unique information for each record? Key Field
What's a relational database? Multiple tables that are linked together to address a business process such as managing tours, sales, etc.
The parts of an access database that help you view, edit, manage, and analyze the data/ Objects
The _________ _____ field of a table serves two important purposes Primary Key
What are the characteristics that define the field? Properties
You use _________ __________ ______ to add, delete, or move the fields in an existing query. Query Design View
The relationship between two tables is displayed with what? Link line or join line
The _________ ____________ is the thin gray bar above each field in the query grid. Field Selector
you can use a _____________ character to represent any character in the condition entry. such as a question mark to search for any single character. Wildcard
Fast and easy way to filter the records for an exact match. Filter By Selection
To filter for comparative data, you must use the _______ ___ ______ feature. Filter By Form
________________ a table or query datasheet temporarily displays only those records that match given criteria. Filtering
Which means that all criteria must be true to select the record? AND criteria
the ___ ______ criterion finds all records where no entry has been made in the field. Is Null
___ ____ ____ finds all records where there is any entry in the field, even if the entry is 0. Is Not Null
you use ___ ______ when any one criterion must be true in order for the record to be selected. OR criteria