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Physical layer.

Data is physically transmitted from one computer or terminal to another in the what layer? Physical
___ refers to the transmission caracteristics of the circuit. Logical circuit
The two fundamentally different types of data are: Digital and analog.
Which of the following is not a key advantage of digital trasmission. It permits only low transmission rates.
_____ is the basic physical layout of the circuit. Circuit configuration.
A ____ circuit is another name for a multipoint configuration. Shared circuit
Which is not true about point to point circuits? Point to point circuits reduce the amount of cable required and use the circuit more efficiently than multipoint circuits.
The ability to transmit in both directions but only in one direction at a time is an example of ___ transmission half duplex
The two basic types of media are guided and wireless
which of the following would be considered a type of wireless media microwave
The type of media usually installed on homes and businesses by the telephone company is called twisted pair
The earliest type of fiber optic systems were Multimode
Another term for the weakening of a signal over distance is attenuation
___ refers to the spreading of the signal that different parts of the signal arrive at different times at the destination. Dispersion
Which media can best withstand harsh environmental conditions? Fiber optic cable
___ Transmission is prone to interference from smoke, heavy rain and fog requires line of sight. Infrared
Microwave transmission: Is a type of high frequency radio communication, requires a clear line-of-sight path, is typically used for long distance data transmission, , and does not require the laying of any cable
__ refers to the time it takes for a signal to travel from sender to recipient, (highly exaggerated with sattelite transmissions) Propagation delay
which of the following media has the lowest error rates and the highest transmission speeds. Fiber optic cable
Transmission speeds differ: widely among media
A coding scheme that uses 10 bits to represent each character is capable of representing ___ different characters. 1024
___ is one of the most commonly used coding chemes used in data transmissions ASCII
The representation of the character a by the group of 8 bits, 01000001, is an example of digital coding
when all bits of a character are transferred one after another, the bits are transferred in ____ mode serial
which of the following statements is correct? serial transmission is slower than parallel transmission
___ is not a type of digital signaling technique data rate signaling (type of signaling, unipolar, non return to zero, manchester, return to zero.
with which type of digital signaling does the signal always return to zero volts after each bit return to zero signaling
which type of digital signaling would experience fewer errors because it has more distinct signals
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