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CNET120 Chapter 12

12-1 Which of the following is not a step under the traditional network design approach. An analyst takes the traffic on the current network and then multiplies that by a factor of 3.65 to come up with the estimate of the total traffic for the new network.
12-2 The traditional network design approach dose not work well for ________ networks. Rapidly growing.
12-3 Which of the following is not making the traditional design approach less appropriate for today's networks? The most expensive part of any network is the hardware.
12-4 Which of the following is not contributing to the dramatic increase in network traffic today? Most client computers today have 4 meg of RAM, a 40 meg hard drive, and an 8Mhz386 processor.
12-5 Which of the following is not true about an overlay network? It was part of the traditional planning for interexchange network to handle voice, data and video on the same circuits.
12-6 Which of the following is false about staff costs for a network. E. When a variety of devices and used in a network, it takes less time to perform network management activities.
12-7 The building block design approach is sometimes called: B. narrow and deep
12-8 Nowadys, most organizations use a simpler approach to network design called the _______ approach. A. Building-block
12-9 Which of the following is not a step that is used in newer type of network design process? C. Implementation.
12-10 In _______, the network designer attempts to understand the fundamental current and future network needs of the various users, departments, and applications. B. Needs analysis
12-11 In ______, the network designer examines the available technologies and assesses which options will meet the users' needs. A. Technology design
12-12 In _______, the network designer considers the relative cost of the technologies. D. Cost assessment
12-13 Which of the following is not true about network design? D. In designing LAN networks, network designers tend to err on the side of building too small a network.
12-14 In needs analysis: B. The goal is to understand what users and applications the network will support
12-15 Gaining an understanding of the current application system and messages provides a _____ against which future design requirements can be gauged. B. Baseline
12-16 The goal of the needs analysis step is to produce a _____, or a statement of the network elements necessary to meet the needs of the organization. E. Logical network design
12-17 Which of the following is not a conceptual part, or layer, of the geographic scope of the network. B. Application layer
12-18 Which of the following is not a basic level of the geographic scope of the networking? B. Focused area network
12-19 Which of the following would not be collected by a designer, working in the needs analysis phase, who was documenting general information and characteristics of the environment in which the network must operate? E. Traffic laws that could affect the network
12-20 _____ is not an important consideration when network designers review old and new application. A. Reviewing the NFL scores
12-21 Which of the following is not an example of identifying protocols the are needed to support hardware and software requirements of applications the will use the network A. An application will use HTTP over TCP/IP
12-22 Which or the following is not a way in which network requirements, ident
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