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infection control

in lab IC + PPE's

personal hygiene req'd x9 hair, jewelry, hand care, nails, broken skin, hand lotion, soaps, storage & dispensing hand care products, hand washing
4 goals of hand washing reduce transient micro-organisms, remove greasy film on hands, loosen debris and micro-organisms, disinfect hands
6 times to wash hands in lab at beginning of each clinic, prior to pt care, gefore gloving and after degloving, during tx & if object is touched that may cause contamination, if integrity of glove is compromised, end of clinic before leaving
handwashing steps x6 cool/warm water, ample antimicrobial soap, rub 15-20 sec, rinse 10 sec, repeat, dry w/ single use towel
short scrub define hand antisepsis, removal & destruction of transient MO, mechanical removal &killing or inhibiting MO
steps in short scrub lather w/antimicrobial soap-both hands, with lather-scrub lightly, five stroke method front-back-between fingers on each hand, brush nails, rinse well, towel dry
1 difference in surgical scrub v. short scrub surgical also reduces resident flora
criteria for glove selection x6 reduce contact of DHCW w/ poss contaminated materials, effective barrier, impermeable to blood or saliva, impervious to materials used in dentistry, non irritating to skin or patient, must fit comfortably-no pull on palm
criteria for wearing gloves x4 reduce cross contamination, reduce blood and saliva contact, reduce transient MO transfer from DHCW to patient, never worn outside immediate treatment area unless overgloved
exam or procedure glove description non-sterile latex, vinyl, powder or powder free, one time use, ambidextrous
surgical glove description sterile laytex, package R&L together, laytex free, powder or powder free, one time use, R&L designated
over glove description vinyl or copolymer, protects contaminated gloves, reduce cross contamination cover exam gloves in tx area, cover exam gloves when leaving tx room
nitrile glove used for x4 handling contaminated instruments, handling chemicals or infectious waste, cleaning environmental surfaces, autoclave at end of week
Created by: ShellyA&P