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infection control

Goverrnment agencies/ professional assoc.

regulations of gov't agencies are orders carrying the force of laws
standards set by gov't agencies are expectation of compliance with reqirement
recommendations of gov't agencies are intended to give advice
CDC (center for disease control) studies and monitors disease eitology and epidemiology
OSHA (occupation safety and health admin) protects the employee
EPA (environmental protection agency) regulates waste disposal of products hazardous to the environment
FDA (food and drug admin) regulates products that affect living tissue including ingested products and devices
OSAP (organization for safety and asepsis procedures) establish and implement scientifically proven standards for infection control
ADA (american dental assoc) sets standards for interpreting regulations for dentistry
APIC (assoc for professional infection control and epidemiology) influences and support quality of health care
ADEA (american dental education assoc) determines what to teach the students
define bloodborne pathogens MO capable of causing disease
define contamination infectious agent on surface
osha-sharps are anything that can penetrate skin
osha- define decontamination physical or chemical means to reduce infectiousness of MO
osha- an exposure incident is contact of person with bodily fluid of host
osha- a hand washing facility is defined as having water, soap and single use towel station
osha- occupational exposure according to OSHA terms is a reasonable possibility of exposure for each employee
osha-regulated waste defined as liquid or semi-liquid blood or other infectious materials that can release blood or other potential infectious materials when compressed
osha-source individual is individual whose infectious material may be the source of occupational exposure
osha- OPIM (other potentially infectious materials) are materials other than blood that might be infectious
osha- parenteral is piercing of the mucosa or skin by a needle, human bite, cut or abrasion
osha- WPC (work practice controls) regulates changes in procedures to better protect the employee
osha-EC(engineering controls) reduce the risk by use of devices
osha- housekeeping is considering that the workplace is clean
osha- signs and labels are using symbols to identify hazardous materials
osha- record keeping are/ 5 examples documents that verify activity of employer to protect the employee; 1 osha traning records kept 3yrs 2employees records kept 30yrs past last date of employment 3 MSDS sheets 4 spore test 5 hazardous waste pu
focus of exposure control is to prevent or reduce the risk of exposure to infectious agents and minimize risk of infection from exposure to employee
osha- immunization reqirements for DHCW (9) 1 HBV 2 DPT 3 measles 4 mumps 5 rubella 6 polio 7 pneumonia 8 annual influenza 9 tested for TB annually
OSHA information & training req'd yearly training; new employees trained w/in 30 days of employment
Created by: ShellyA&P