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Jac cargo


AOG Aircraft on Ground- Shipment containing parts for a mechanicallly grounded aircraft. Never to be offloaded from aircraft due to weight retrictions.
CAGPT Check and Give Protection To (DL only)- Sticker used by DL placed on baggage for international travel containing firearm
CARRY-ON Security Screened baggage accessible to passengers while in the sterile area of airport
COMAT Company Materail- Company business related materials transported internally from one station to another on SkyWest aircraft
DASH Delta Air Lines Special Handling (DL only)-Delta's small package delivery service. Generally high priority or expensive freight checked on a specific DL flight.
EXPEDITE/RUSH Baggage tag used for delayed/misrouted bag
PPBM Positive Passenger Bag Match- Process of matching checked baggage with the passenger onboard the aircraft. Baggage is not loaded when the passenger does not board the flight. Used primarily for international flights.
SPD Small Package Delivery/Small Package Dispatch (UA only)- United's small package delivery service. Generlly high priority or expensive freight checked on a specific UA flight. The only type of freight accepted on a United Express flight.
DG/HM Dangerous Goods/Haz Materials/articles or subst cpable pose signif risk to health & safty or propert when transp. CS follow strcit regs to determ OK to transp on OO craft/ also HAZMAT
Created by: flemingco