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Keyboarding Beginning Terms

CPU Main unit that contains memory, processing chips, internal disk drive (hard drive)
Keyboard Hardware that is made up of the letters, numbers, symbols, and function keys
Monitor Hardware that has the picture you look at to see what is in your computer
Mouse A handheld device used to point to and select items on the screen
Input The method used to enter information and instruction into the computer
Output The method or manner in which the computer displays its work so that we can understand it. Monitor (screen) Printer
Icon Picture symbol that shows hardware, software, or operations.
Taskbar Gray bar at the bottom of the screen that shows you what programs or folders are open. Has the "start" button on the left side. Click on the boxes to switch between programs or documents.
I-Beam Looks like a capital "I" and can be moved to select a new position for the cursor or to select data for other operations.
Menu Bar A list of choices from which the computer user may choose what to do with the program being used.
Log On Enter the computer with a username and password (bmsstudent, NO password)
Log Off Allows someone else to log on to the computer without restarting the computer. Close all programs then go to Start: Log off and click Yes.
Shutdown Exits all the computer programs. Correct procedure: Close all programs then go to Start: Shutdown: choose Shutdown: Click Yes.
Using the Mouse Double click left to open or highlight. Single click left to select or choose. Single click right to bring up a drop down menu. Drag - hold down the left mouse button and "drag" to highlight. Triple click left to highlight a row, sentence, or paragraph
Active Window Solid color/highlighted title bar. (In Use)
Inactive Window Grayed/neutral color title bar. (Not in Use)
Resizing Windows Drag double ended arrows to the desired size. Arrows appear: top, bottom, sides, or corners. Use the corner arrow to enlarge it both directions at the same time.
Move a Window Click on the title bar and drag the window to the desired position on the monitor.
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